Waddaya do and waddya earn for it?

After reading many, many posts through the board, in all categories, I’d just like to know a few things.

Like: What type of work you posters do and what is your rough yearly salary?
Me? Area supervisor of distribution and sales. (You don’t need to list your company.) $40,000 yearly.

I’m the media buyer for a Native American casino.

I make roughly $30,000/yr.

GROSSLY underpaid if ya ask me, but the work’s fun. And I get to wear a tie! And deal with media reps all day! And do budget battle with management types! And…and…crap.

I was feeling good today, up til about now…

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Machinist. $35,000.00/yr.

Basically just a machinist with a little more knowledge of tool programming than most.





thank you so very much for reminding me.

I’m a singer. I’m taking a break though, so I make $0.00/year right now.

I’m a military officer, and I get $23k a year. A mere pittance, but life goes on . . .

USAF Civil Engineer, and damn proud of it!

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions for a midsize, private university. I make about 32,000/year and all the free grad school I can take.

Kitchen Designer
not enough to deal w/ the bullshit


I am a composer/sound designer/audio consultant/engineer. (self employed currently) Its freelance work so it varies widely. I was mid $20Ks last year, my projection for this year is low $30Ks.
(Shameless plug: if anybody is in the special events or marketing or theatre or media fields in the chicago area and needs an audio guy and pays decent, drop me a line at TophJJ@aol.com).

Nothing and Nothing as well.

Unless you count being a student (High School so I don’t have to deal with huge tuitions just yet but I will very very soon)

I’m a college student but I also have a job I work at year round. I’m a computer lab student consultant and technician. Sounds great huh? I make under 5K a year at this job. Stupid maximum working hour a week thing. Other than that I’m a driver. I drive my girlfriend around EVERYWHERE. Other than that I don’t do anything

I’m a (very junior, only finished school in '99) software developer. If I was full time I would earn $22,000/year (that’s $AUS though, so it’s only around 11-12K in $US, I think). I go to uni part time as well. If I was just part time at work I’d be earning $13.2K/year. But I usually go full time during the uni break, so what I actually earn is more like $15-16K.

I’m almost with Upham

Instead I work infrequently as a bartender… and infrequently make upwards of $50 an hour. I haven’t worked for about a month though.

Oldscratch I hear ya man, i miss the tending days. I seldom tip my self after fixin’ a screwdriver to put my moneyless arce to bed.

yeah yeah…

Damnit… if only there was some way to tip myself and make money. I’d be RICH RICH I tells ya.

For the last year, I’ve started and run a network security business. As I’m an investor, I’ve paid very heavily for the priviledge of working there.

According to my job profile, I’m a Helpdesk Customer Support Technician at Cdn$58,000k a year. Which is about 75 cents American.

However, since I’m the (oogh)Micro$oft SQL 7.0 Admin, and the (yeergh)Micro$oft System Management Server Admin, and I don’t gotta answer that freakin’ phone anymore, I’ve been lobbying for a title change. The wheels of corporate time grind even slower than Robert Jordan’s books.


Web designer/ColdFusion developer for a law firm’s intranet. It just doesn’t get more exciting than that!

$64,000/year - i guess i can afford boredom.

research assistant - 17K before taxes. If I had a life, I probably would whine. right now, Iam doing just fine…

I’m a user consultant in the university computer labs (job description: help freshmen open their Hotmail). Since I’m a full time student, I’m only at this job part-time and I take the summers off. I’ve never added things up, but if I had to take a wild guess, I’d say that I make about $3500/yr doing this. Good thing I live in the dorms, huh? :slight_smile: