WAG meaning

Could someone please tell me what WAG means? I think the W is Wild, and the G is Guess, but the A has me stumped.

BTW, I DID try a search, but since WAG only has three letters the search wouldn’t accept it.


sigh never mind I found it out myself.

Wild Ass Guess. I should have worked it out.

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For extra emphasis, I like SWAG (Stupid Wild Ass Guess). Despite what the techno geeks would have you believe, it’s not Scientific Wild Ass Guess.

What does NB mean?

Not Bright

nota bene, probably.

From http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary
Main Entry: no·ta be·ne
Pronunciation: "nO-t&-'bE-nE, -'be-
Etymology: Latin, mark well
Date: circa 1721
– used to call attention to something important

Unless, of course, you’ve been involved in extensive discussions about New Brunswick.