Wait a sec... Is the SDMB on the verge of extinction???

I guess I must be behind the times! In this thread, I see two posts that really surprise me:


CL bankruptcy is mentioned in another post, so I can guess what’s going on, but how serious is it for this board? Should we be looking around for another space?

Don’t get me started on those fucking Greeks.

I saw what you did there.

could somebody answer this, please?

From Crain’s Chicago Business, Volume 31; Number 40 – October 6th:

Here’s a post by Ed that brushes across this issue.

Oh cr@p.

If anyone would like my email address to file, please send me an IM. If anyone wants to give me theirs, please do.

I’ve come to depend on so many of you - I may not ever speak directly to you, but I read your posts and I shake my head in agreement or argue against your way of thinking (to myself and silently).

I need you guys. I don’t want to lose you and if exchanging emails gives me the parachute I need, then humor a chick please.

I have 3 or 4 pages of responses to my request for help with Chico my new son.

Marley23, we’ve never spoken before, but you helped me today.

Tomndeb answered my questions in the pit very recently. Dolores runs the feuds.

Nzinga, seated extended her hand to me today (and once before).

I’m not good with user names, but you’re my family online - (**Bricker **is that family member with the wrong politics that we love and respect anyway.:))

Biggirl, Sampiro, theonewith the face, shayna (who I think told me off more than once), Skald the rhymer, and so many more that I can’t think of right now - I really want to have a way to keep you guys if this board ends.

I may be overly emotional right now, but knowing that I’ve lost beautiful Askia forever has made me realize how much I need to keep all of you.

jali, like I just said in the ATMB thread, the only thing that need keep any of us apart is people not staying together. Finding a new home isn’t a problem, so it’s just a matter of making the move should worst come to worst. So far, it’s probably much too soon to assume that it will, though.

Yeah, and then nobody tells me where the move is to! Og help me, I’m gonna be homeless!! :frowning:

Don’t forget some Dopers post at the UnaBoard.

Ideally there would be sufficient warning, of course, as well as something in the way of a vote to decide the direction.

If the Dope goes tits up, I have reason to believe you’d all be welcome here:

A quiet little corner of the internet

Let’s just say I know the guy that owns that place. He’s a pretty hip dude.

That might be a nice message board, Oakminster - if I could actually read it. That is a seriously awful look for a board.

I too would like to know where everyone is going if this place gets shut down. I hope we get notice if it does; I have a sinking feeling that we won’t, though. So, meet you all at Unaboard or Fathom if this place gets boarded up one dark night?

There’s Unaboard, Skip’s Magic Board, The Fabulous Forums of Fathom, the pjeoq abessaw, and a few others run by members or former members of the SDMB. (Forgive the lack of links. Googling should bring up the right page quickly.)

How about Skip’s? Would everyone split up then?

ETA: just saw Inner Stickler’s post : wow, that’s a lot of splitting up.

It’s the old childhood fear of coming home to find your parents have upped and moved without you resurrected! :frowning:

And there’s always the Offsite Mafia Thread boards too to at least set up an idea of where to move towards or such.

That’s the only reason I don’t fear being left out in the cold, I can always just ask a few dopers who’ll still hopefully be there where they’ve moved on to. And there’s the Doper Facebook Group, but I don’t have that one linked handily.

Alls I knows is, I hope to stick with the main gang here. If the membership here have to relocate to something less “institutionalized”, I hope we can all resolve to find and vote for the best new place to call home.

Everyone here is a value to me, and if the membership becomes too fractured across myriad sites and BBSs, it just won’t be nearly the same.

I’m holding my breath for now, that the SDMB stays intact, despite its flaws, as long as it keeps us together in some cohesive entity.

oh, and… FUCK.

The Dope might be gone soon? But I just got back here, dammit!