Waiting for the Electrician

Mah fellow settlers …

or someone like him

(I was first!!!)

We stands here on the banks of the Mississippi river …

Lookin west, at our Destiny!

(damn, I am bored)

it’s just this little chromium switch, over here…

What may appear to the faint-hearted as a limitless expanse of Godforsaken territory is in reality, a golden opportunity for humble God fearin’ settlers like ourselves, our children and the generations a comin’ to carve a neeeeeew life out of the American …


So this is how one makes 100 posts in a single day.

Is that a goal?



This is our sacred antenna.
It’s a beaut.
No, it’s a mound

Scalp um, Tantric

Um … no.

That would be intentional post count padding, which is something I usually avoid like the plague. You seem to be mistaking my wish that others participate in this thread for something I personally find a lot more reprehensible.

Corn! Now we can make whiskey! We’ve been waiting for this for hundreds of years!

I`m here, what can I do for you?

I`ll take a Jack on the rocks while I wait.

Remind me not to sit in the rocks later on then, theres no telling what damage might be done to this suede

No, it’s a butte.

And reall pretty too.

We also want peace - of Nigeria.

Seriously, ever listen to Stan Freberg?
This one is real derivative, especially of “Have an Indian to lunch.”

I hope this electrician’s name isn’t Godot.

“Why do you always pull the wagons into a circle?”

“We get better reception that way. Mind if we put our antenna on that mound over there?”

“That’s our sacred burial mound.”

“Well, this is our sacred antenna. See how it’s in the shape of a cross?”

I`m here, what can I do for you?

I`ll take a Jack on the rocks while I wait.

You know, Whuck, I think it ruins their game to have an actual electrician show up …

Not to worry, have another drink …

:: Passes bottle of Jack over the internet ::