Waiting for the phone to ring

Yesterday, I interviewed for a job I really, really want. And the interview went pretty well, I thought.

But they’re doing interviews all week. So they’re not going to call until Friday, maybe even Monday, to tell me if they picked me, or if I’m stuck with my current job and someone else gets the good one.

And I’m going crazy. Stark, raving mad. But I don’t have much money to go out and distract myself.

So what do I do for 2-4 days while I wait for the phone to ring?

Read auntie em’s missing coworker threads. They’re real corkers.

Though it’s already out of your hands, good luck!

I second the suggestion. Notice how quiet the Pit is today? There’s like four active threads.

I’m only in this one because I’ve read all that already.

My other suggestion would be to invoke Murphy’s Law of Waiting for the Phone. My phone might not ring all day. The minute I leave my office for two minutes (maybe to go pee or something), I come back and that little red message light is on. So maybe you should leave town for the weekend. The phone will surely ring the second you pull out of the driveway.

Play Snood. It took about ten seconds for me to get addicted, but now I have it on my parents’ desktop, my laptop, and my Palm Pilot. It kills time like you would not believe.

And good luck!


I’ve read the Missing Coworker Saga… that certainly is enthralling. My money’s on irresponsible running away, but I’m not completely discounting Foul Play.

I’m downloading Snood now. I hope it’s wonderful.

Modified Woo Hoo! The phone rang!

They want to see their top four candidates for a second interview, would I mind terribly coming out at the crack of dawn?

No, of course I’d be delighted to get up at 5 and head out for the interview. Nothing, in fact, would make me happier.

Here’s hoping they pick me. At least I don’t have to wait for the phone any more.

Snood, by the way, was a wonderful time-waster.

Knock 'em dead!! I’ll keep all my fingers crossed for you, even if it means my typing gets sloppy!

Good luck to ya!

Good luck! We’re rootin’ for you!

[Reads OP]
Am I too late for the obligatory Debbie Harry reference?

[Reads rest of thread]
Aw, poop. I am.

Best o’ luck!

It rang again! I got the job! I got the job! FisherQueen is going to Cincinnati! Woo hoo! Yippee! [turns cartwheels]

WOOHOO!! Many congrats!! Cincinnati Dopers are cool! Lucky you!


Woo hoo!

[sub]um, are we allowed to know what you’ll be doing after you get to Cincinnati/[/sub]


I’ll be teaching in the Cincinnati Public School system. One of their good schools, not one of the scary ghetto schools.

Fantastic! Congratulations!

Then, indeed, Woo hoo! Congrats!