"Wake me, shake me..."

There were a number of 60s garage bands that did some variation of the “wake me, shake me” song… some appearing as “Wake Me, Shake Me,” others as “Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long.” (Why not sleep late? Because it’s “gonna be another day of wine, women and song.”)

Probably the best-known version is The Blues Project’s “Wake Me…”.

I’ve run on the assumption that these are all derivative of some old blues song(s). Is this true, and if so what song(s)? Or was The Blues Project the original?

Thanks in advance.

The song was released by the Coasters in 1960, with lead vocalist Billy Guy listed as the composer. (The Blues Project version, at least the live one on the Town Hall LP, doesn’t credit a songwriter, just “arr. Al Kooper.”)

Incidentally, “Wake Me, Shake Me” by the Four Tops, also from the '60s, is a completely different song.

First thing I thought of was the Four Tops song. But then I am the proud owner of a ton of melanin.

There’s a song from Lou Reed’s album Transformer that had the lyrics:
Why don’t you wake me, shake me
Please don’t let me sleep to long

I can’t remember which one it is at the moment.

Thanks all for the replies!

Now to locate The Coasters’ version… :slight_smile:

Well, the fact that I couldn’t remember which song it was kept bugging me until I put the cd in and found it. It’s Wagon Wheel.

And Rrrgh! I used the word ‘to’ instead of ‘too’! And it bothers me when other people do that!