Walk the Moon is an amazing band that I’ve just discovered!

I really try to listen to some current music, I don’t want to become one of those people who never listens to any music that was written after they graduated college.

However, I must have been living under a rock because I’ve just recently discovered Walk the Moon. No band has blown me away on first listen since I discovered The Killers over a decade ago.

Here’s an example of what a fun and catchy band they are:

Gotta admit, that is one catchy tune. I haven’t heard any other stuff by them that I really liked, but I remember the first time I heard that song years ago, I actually thought it was some 80s hit I had somehow missed.


Seriously? I assume this is some kind of woosh? Like a really good one and I’m missing the obvious.

Not a woosh at all, I listen to all kinds of music. Sometimes you just need fun music that you can turn up and enjoy. Not everything has to be Mahler or John Coltrane or even Gabriel era Genesis.

I like them. Try their song “One foot in front of the other.” They’re catchy and fun. I put them in the driving or house cleaning category. They’re good for listening to when I’ve got less desirable things to do.

Actually, I take that back. “Anna Sun” is another decent tune by them I’ve heard.

I have to say, have you (the OP) not been to a wedding recently? Since *Shut Up and Dance * is played at approximatley 100% of them?

Ok its no Mr Brightside, but come on, its a popular song.

Its an 80’s style song anyhow!

I have not been to a wedding in quite a while. I do try to avoid them, especially for second ones.

As someone who works in the industry, yes, that is about correct. Another relatively recent song that seems to have made the standard wedding playlist: Icona Pop’s “I Love It.” (I’ve heard that song a gazillion times, and only just know did I learn who it was by. No idea what their other work is like.)

I had almost the same reaction a few months ago when I first heard of Pentatonix. I’m gonna be honest here, I don’t care if their songs are autotuned to within an inch of their lives, it’s damn impressive.

I actually liked that song until I just saw the video.

Current music? Didn’t about 50 bands do this same song in the 80s?

Gah. That song is like four minutes of two girls yelling at you. Whatever they’re doing barely qualifies as singing.

Hah! That’s a fairly accurate description. :slight_smile: I don’t mind the song, though. It does get people on the dance floor, from what I’ve seen.

Just became aware of Walk The Moon this past year or so, with songs like “Two High” and “One Foot in Front of the Other.” I kinda have mixed feelings about those songs, and had been thinking of starting a thread about them.

On the one hand, yes, they are catchy. No question about it.

On the other hand, they seem pretty vapid lyrically, and - not knowing jack shit about music, admittedly - ISTM that the stuff they’re doing musically to gussy up those songs and make them so catchy could be done by studio musicians to pretty much any upbeat song.

So, mixed feelings.

OTOH, I’ve been aware of “Shut Up and Dance” for awhile. Let’s just say I’m less than fond of it.

Never mind, I was confusing two bands with similar names. The two songs above are the work of Moon Taxi. :smack:

Definitely not auto tuned, but lots more fun IMHO…

I heard Anna Sun by Walk The Moon on the radio maybe 6 years ago. I think it was a slow burner and huge hit on the alternative rock radio format and charts but perhaps not a big a crossover pop hit, though I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t/couldn’t be a pop song. I notice alternative songs in the past year or 2 (for example bands like Portugal The Man, who have been around forever and Foster the People who seemed stuck in alternative after their first big hit) seem to crossover more easily. Anyway, Walk The Moon’s first big alternative hit remains my favorite of their “popular” singles. “One Foot” really annoyed me at first but grew on me. Also I like “Kamikaze,” which again certainly sounds like a hit pop song to me but didn’t even chart. It looks like “One Foot” at #65 is the only Hot 100 hit besides the ubiquitous #4 “Dance” (#1 alternative, btw)