Walking Dead...A stranger among us

20 minutes into episode 12 (the newest episode) rick is walking from the house and headed towards the barn. Right after he passes the house, the camera pans around and faces the house and there, plane as day, is some guy I have never ever seen before helping board up windows. I have looked all over the internets and can’t find any discussions or answers about who the hell this stranger is. I can’t be the only one to see it. Does anybody have a clue who this mysterious stranger is?!?!?!?!


<watches recording>
Who the hell is that? Of course, I’m not even sure who the blonde woman walking past him is. I’m not good at faces. Or names.

He’s Beth’s boyfriend, Jimmy. Beth is Hershel’s other daughter besides Maggie.

The blonde woman is the wife (or girlfriend?) of the late Otis.

Both Jimmy and Patricia have been seen several times (usually in the background) since the farm was introduced in the second episode of this season. Jimmy helped Hershel and Rick retrieve those two walkers from the bog in the episode with Sophia-zombie.

There’s a bunch of people outside the “main” group that you just don’t see much of. It’s a running joke how T-Dog finally got 6 lines in last week’s episode.

Complete list of the group:


Deceased: Sophia, Dale, Shane, Otis, Randall

The problem is that T-Dog is part of the main group. I think last week his most important line was something about getting the door for Lori.

Well, he sorta is and he sorta isn’t. I mean, other than getting cut up and hanging around in the background, what do we know about him? Almost nothing, aside from the fact that he’s black. We know way more about everyone else on that list, excepting Jimmy, Patricia, and arguably Beth.

Now that I think about it a bit, it is true that he got more airtime in the first season, so there is that. I do wish that the show would move a bit faster and do something with everyone, instead of having 4+ characters that are basically wallflowers.