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My family lives in Ohio, I live in California. Since I can not go and visit them this holiday season, I am sending them many presents instead.

For most of my younger siblings (I have 8 sibs total) I bought an Xbox game from


I ordered this game back in NOVEMBER. It still has not arrived. There is no way I am going to get it, wrap it all up nice and pretty and send it in time unless I use priority mail or something. If I even get it at all, which does not look like it is going to happen at this point.

Thanks, not only have you been complete assholes and ignored all the email I’ve sent to you on this, but you also have made it so my siblings won’t get their Christmas present in time.

I’ve ordered from 5 other online sites. I ordered from all of them AFTER you and I have already received all of the orders but YOURS.

And when I bitch about this to a friend, she tells me that she had to wait THREE MONTHS for a package to arrive from you.

I am far too poor to just let $60 go to waste. I better get my money back or get my stupid game in the next few weeks or there will be hell to pay.

Oh yes, there will.

Ahhh, but their photo center is awesome. A few weeks back I took a few dozen pictures of my daughters on my new digital camera (I love my new digital camera, btw), picked out the best one, went to’s photo center, downloaded the picture in .jpg format, picked out a lovely holiday frame, typed in a msg and voila! A box of 50 holiday cards were delivered to me in less than a week for 48 cents a pop. Color and clarity were great.

You can also use them to make prints of your digital pictures. They’ll send them right to your house. After I get a few dozen that I want prints made of, I’ll use their service again.

Really? Where do I get me some of that? blows moose udders in hell. Every men’s shirt that I clicked on was “not available”. Every one! Now I’m actually going to brave the crowds at the bricks ‘n’ mortar store. Fuckers.

Walmart fucking ** COM **?

What’s that virual aggravation at not finding anything you’re looking for?

Do they have virtual greeters you can ignore in hopes nobody notices you’re in their shithole store?

Do you have to park your computer a block away?At 3AM no less.

Expand your shopping horizons,there’s plenty of alternatives.Some with products you can actually buy that you can get replacement parts/service for.

The only time I buy online is if it is for an item that I cannot purchase locally (or, if the price locally is totally out to lunch and its substantially cheaper to buy online including shipping).

At least that way, you know you’re going to get it, its going to be in one piece and you don’t have to put on a magic show to return incase something is wrong with it.

Put the charge in dispute on your credit card. You have 60 days to do it from the time of the purchase.

Then go see what Best Buy or Circuit City has.

Wal-Mart + Internet = A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come

Have you seen the majority of people that work in WAL-MART? And now you are asking these people to operate computers and keep your order straight. Not good, not good at all!

Yeah… it was stupid of me. I looked on and saw that Wal-mart was carrying it for the cheapest price.

And… I don’t have a car. :- / We live within walking distance of my school, work, grocery store and bank. Unfortunately, there is no way I can get out and do all my shopping at actual stores. About once a month, we go visit my fiance’s parents in LA and get stuff that we can’t find in walking distance. However, we are going the week of the 22nd, which is much too late to buy everything, wrap it up and send it.

I ordered all my Christmas presents online this year, and this was the only place I had a problem with.