WandaVision on Disney +. Open spoilers

That’s what I hear…

Is there a superhero whose origin story is a tanning bed gone wrong?
Because that could be fun.

Teen Hulk was exposed to X-Rays at the dentist.

Captain Tan and the Ultraviolet Brigade!

ETA:That’s not a real thing… but it should be.

ETA2: Sounds more of an origin story for a One Punch Man character.

“Everything’s legal in New Jersey.”

“In Jersey, anything’s legal as long as you don’t get caught”

"Not exactly… "

I see what you did there.…

Also, it feels like the first time, Monica got sucked in. As opposed to the beekeeper who kind of passed through (or the second time when Monica forced her way in.) The hex barrier seems kind of sentient?

BTW, what happened to the beekeeper? I’ve lost track.

We don’t know yet.

He just buzzed off …

It definitely changed behavior after the done incident - it’s now actively repelling things trying to enter Westview, and not just altering them as they pass through.

Although, that might just be how it reacts to Monica. She’s the only person whose tried to re-enter after being specifically ejected. If someone else tries to pass through, it might let them in the same way it did the beekeeper guy.

In keeping with the “classic TV theme” (if not necessarily sitcom TV) I wish they’d had a throw away line about finding that guy in a cornfield somewhere.

Honey - I’m Drone!

Or name him “Chuck” after Richie Cunningham’s long forgotten brother.

Okay, so what has Agatha done to mess up everything? Was she responsible for Mr. Hart choking on the strawberry in the first episode?

I’m pretty much 100% certain the strawberry was Wanda.

Agatha might have provoked Mr. Hart’s odd behavior right before he started choking, though.

My guess is that was a Lost-style scene, mostly for effect so we could learn about Wanda’s rewind, and that it won’t have any plot significance. He was played by a longtime Marvel stuntman named Zac Henry, fwiw, which I’m guessing was fun for him.

That would at least parallel what happened to Carol and it would be a singular incident that hasn’t also happened hundreds of other randoms.

This feels like a fussy little detail. If Wanda pushing her out is the defining difference, it still means that Wanda can basically grant anyone powers. That’s lazy writing.

Same criticism as above, but I also feel like this could all be chalked up to director’s notes. Basically they portrayed it differently simply to make the scenes interesting, not that they are trying to subtly indicate that the event was of a completely different nature.

I’m doubting that there will be much in the way of exposition on it so I suppose we’re just supposed to shut up and swallow whatever retcon they give us. Origin stories are a central part of these movies (and the comics) and Spectrum is really getting the shaft when it comes to her origin story.

This remains to be proven: In the first place, we don’t know that any of the “randoms” (as you put it) actually went through the field, at all, or if it was simply erected over the top of them. And, in the second place, even counting the S.W.O.R.D. agents who were absorbed at the end of Episode 6, Monica’s still the only one to pass through it more than once. There’s no reason in-universe not to believe that multiple passes is the difference between “upset stomach” and “superpowers.”

And, in the third place, isn’t Monica’s origin being derivative of Carol’s in the original comics canon bad enough?

If anything, she got the shaft in her original origin story, This is correcting a mistake, from my point of view.

Not only has Monica been through the barrier three times, she also got erased and un-erased as the result of the Infinity War.