WandaVision on Disney +. Open spoilers

FWIW speaking as a n of one who is a newer fan - most origin stories are trite boring forwards before the actual show begins. Radioactive spider, planet Krypton, tanning bed accident, not too many entertaining in their own right. Just needed to get to person with powers. Complaining that an origin story doesn’t make sense is like complaining that a lemon is sour.

Quite. Batman’s original origin story was three frames long: He was annoyed, he saw a bat fly through his window, he became Batman. Somehow that’s been expanded to multiple movie, TV, and comic book revisionist versions, ongoing! Also most origin story movies are the worst instalment of any given superhero-trilogy.

I’m not saying the rules prohibit it. I’m saying it’s fucking lame.

Originality would be ideal, but something being a little repetitive but at least significant enough to not read like a lottery ticket is better.

So has half the population.

By original do you mean Captain Marvel? Her being a child who has a relationship with an Avenger is not an origin story. That movie did not attempt to do Spectrum’s origin. it did Carol’s.

I think it’s clear that Monica got her powers not just from passing through the hex, but from actively pushing through the hex when it was trying to repel everything else.

Also, the hex is an extension of Wanda’s powers which are itself from the Mind Stone. And we know that HYDRA tried to give a bunch of people powers using the stone but it only worked on the Maximoffs. It’s a pretty common comic trope that the events that give people their powers only work on certain people.

Having never heard of this particular superhero before the series, I thought it was a perfectly decent origin story.

And yet, that’s all they ever seem to make. Everytime they cast a new actor, get a new director, they need to start with an origin story. I swear half the Superman and Spiderman movies are origin stories.

MCU Spiderman skipped over most of the origin story.

First showed up in Civil War with his powers, then in his own title, was much more of a development and growth, rather than origin.

My wife was like, “That much radiation is gonna give her cancer,” and I said, “Comic book radiation doesn’t give cancer, it gives superpowers. You get cancer from plot, not from radiation.”

But I’m kind of a noob at comic books. Are there many examples in comic books of people exposed to radiation getting cancer instead of superpowers?

In an alternate universe story, Mary Jane dies of cancer from exposure to Peter Parker’s radioactive, uh, “deposits”.

I believe they’re talking about Monica’s origin story. “The original origin story” being the one from the comics, and “this” being the new origin story for the MCU.

Jane Foster (Thor’s former girlfriend, who has been played by Natalie Portman in the MCU films) had breast cancer in the comics, though, if I remember correctly, it ran in her family, and there wasn’t any intimation that any sort of radiation exposure caused it.

It’s a plot point in Watchmen (the original comic and, to a lesser extent, the film).

Also (less seriously) in one episode of Family Guy the Griffins all gain superpowers due to exposure to toxic waste and go on a rampage. Mayor West, determined to gain powers to stop them, rolls in the same toxic waste…and gets cancer.

There was also the guy that tried to get Spider-Man’s powers by eating the radioactive spider.
It did not go well for him.

Bringing things a little closer to the show, the original Captain Marvel also died of cancer - lung cancer, caused by inhaling poison gases during a mission. Although not directly caused by his powers, the interaction of his powers and the cancer made it impossible to treat.

Similarly, when Jane Foster was Thor, using Mjolnir to transform into Thor had the side-effect of removing all poisons and toxins from her body - which included the chemo drugs she was using to fight her cancer. The more time she spent as Thor, the more the cancer advanced.

There’s also Reality-10011, which is also known as the Cancerverse.

I love origin story movies. In my experience the first movie is almost always the best of any series on a given character. They tend to focus on character development more than just explosions and CGI.

Your criticism about Superman and Spider-Man I think has more to do with all the pointless remakes and reboots, not with origin stories.

Having not read the comic, is her comics origin story particularly lame?

And in Watchmen it was a lie (the cancer actually came from a plot, not from radiation).

That’s true. My complaint is, they only have so much time for the story, and they waste so much telling stuff everybody in the word (I bet even isolated Amazon rain forest dwellers and New Guinea Dani know Superman’s origin story by now) already knows.

Well, it came from different radiation.

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My second complaint about repretitive origin stories is when they change them. Were Batman’s parents killed by some never-identified random killer, by Joe Chill, by the Joker himself, by Ra’s al Ghul…etc. Was it random, or were they targeted?

Then the purists get distracted hating the movie and nitpicking it instead of enjoying it. :slight_smile: