WandaVision on Disney +. Open spoilers

There’s probably even a “Batman went back in time and killed his own parents” story somewhere in the comic books.

That’d be an interesting story line, bit of a reverse Back to the Future.

Goes back in time. Accidently thwarts the killing of his parents, meaning no more Batman, instead Bruce becomes an irresponsible playboy that dies of drug overdose in his 20’s. Has to arrange his parent’s killing, or do it himself to fix the timeline.

Yeah, but that’s only true for a handful of heroes. Most in the MCU, and especially Spectrum, will have origins that relatively few know. And many origin stories need to be updated or completely changed for the times.

I think saying origin stories in general suck because we’ve seen the Superman origin a hundred times misses the point.

That’s sorta the plotline to Flashpoint.

It was one of my favorite Marvel storylines in recent years. My understanding is that the upcoming MCU film Thor: Love and Thunder will be based on that storyline, including Jane-as-Lady-Thor.

The just announced the name of the next Spider-Man movie, which reportedly is going to lean heavily into the multiverse stuff, potentially with previous Spider-Actors reprising their roles from the other movie franchises. When they announced the title, they included a photo of the white board where they supposedly workshopped the title. It’s clearly a prop, and has a lot of cute jokes in it (“Spider-Man: Work from Home”).

But, also? Lots of random hexagons.

I thought those were supposed to be organic molecules.

If I’m getting this right, her origin was that she was a cop, participated in the arrest of a random mad scientist who was trying to create an energy weapon, it malfunctioned and exposed her to “multi-dimensional radiation”, which gave her the power to manipulate light and other forms of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum, and the media kind of randomly dubbed her “Captain Marvel”, as “the media” in comics are wont to do. The Random Mad Scientist and his invention of a means to imbue ordinary people with vast powers of energy control were then promptly never mentioned again.

To the extent that the above is an accurate recollection/summation, to me personally it seems even more random and lame than her origin in WandaVision.

I’d be OK with never seeing Thomas and Martha getting shot again. I’m glad they didn’t dwell on that in the newest movies and, really, doesn’t practically everyone know about that already?

Sure, but why have organic molecules on there?

It’s been thirty years since organic chemistry, but some of those are definitely carbon rings. I was guessing the molecule diagrams were supposed to represent his web fluid, maybe?

Peter Parker is a science nerd, historically anyway.

Specifically, he has a doctorate in biochemistry in the comics.

I didn’t know Funky Winkerbean was a Marvel title.

They’re definitely hexoses but are they going to imply some connection with the Wanda and space portal hexagonal themes? Or just like hexagons?

There’s one hexagon that’s clearly a molecule, one hexagon that’s clearly part of a constellation, and then a bunch of other other hexagons.

My money is on the hexagons being a two-layered visual pun - different hexagons relating to different aspects of the various Spiders-Man of the multiverse, and all of the hexagons reference the hexagonal space portals that we’ve already seen are used for interstellar and possibly interdimensional travel in the MCU.

Heh. They threw a hexagonal neuron in there too!

Yeah they are messin with the hexxin!

DIdn’t Lex Luthor get cancer at some point, from exposure to kyptonite that he kept on his person for protection from Superman?

He did.

Speaking of superheroes and cancer, I can’t believe it took this long to bring up Deadpool.