Wanna add your locale to the SDMB map?

It’s right here, and only 208 people have added their locations so far.

Naturally, it’s free, and you can add comments and/or photos too, if you like.

Large Marge
Only 208 people have added their names to the map?
I think that’s a pretty good response.
Anyway, it is now 209.

I added me three times by mistake.


I’m on the map now, so to speak. Wow, Khadaji and I are practically neighbors.

That’s me down in south Jawja.

211 people now!

Alabama, y’all. As you can see, I had nothing interesting to say. But I did have fudge. Mmm, fudge.

Up to 242.

I’m there now.

That’s odd - some of them disappear and reappear at random.

Okay, I’m in.

I’m on there now. But I can’t see any other members from where I’m standing.

Didn’t someone do this by hand several years ago?

Anyway, I’m in.

I’m there! I’m that little dot about 1/3 of the way between St. Louis and Kansas City. I don’t have any pictures of me, though.

Wow. A palmist could read my palm in my photo!

Strange. At first it looked like I was the first in NJ, but then I refreshed and several people showed up, and I refreshed again and some of them disappeared. Ah well.

Good to know I have some neighbors.

Gotta say, there are some hotties posting there!

roshia, Beth, Cowgirl Jules, Beadalin…


I added myself. No photo, though.

I’m in.


I did, but it was only on a per-country basis, which, IIRC, gave our single Russian doper something of a bias. This is way better.