Want $15 million?

Here’s the question;
Say you were able to make $15 million dollars in one year tax free but the catch was that to do so you would have to be a hooker for an upscale pimp. Also hypothetically, during this year you would have NO chance of picking up an STD or becoming pregnant. Basically it would be $15 million to be a sex slave to hundreds of partners for 1 year. Would you do so or would your dignity not allow you to? This goes both for the men and women.

Actually, for the men who I already expect to say “HELL YEAH I WOULD DO THAT!” let me change the scenario. For men, you would get $15 million to sleep with the ugliest women you could possibly imagine during that year. Sorry guys. So what do you say?

I dont care how ugly they are, if its 15 million and there’s no chance for an STD then i would do it.

Define “sleep with”. Would I have to actually spend the night with the ugly women, or just shtup them and move on?

Well I was trying to be subtle but if I must. You would have to perform their every desire from oral sex on their unbathed crotches to any fetishes they may have (golden showers, spankings etc). You asked, and I have delivered.

Only if they would read me a story and tell me what to wear :smiley:

On second thought, that might be bad. They’d make me dress up like a beaver and bite their ankles… ::shudder::

punk snot dead,

Well, $15 million sounds like an awful lot, but yeah, I supposed I’d pay that.

There’s only one problem I could think of…

…and it’s a biggy.
If she doesn’t attract me, you ain’t gonna see wood.
So I don’t think I’d be able to make the 15 mil no matter how hard I tried.
Could I throw on a strapon?

can you SEE the ugly turn this thread’s gonna take?

pezpunk wrote:

Heck, it’d still be an improvement over my current sex life.

But I’d have to create 150 new bank accounts first. The FDIC only insures each account to $100,000, you know.

As long as it’s safe? Hell, yeah. I have a policy that I’ll do virtually anything for at least 10 million dollars, so for 15 million dollars, definitely.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to put it in terms of what most male prositutes do- sleep with other guys?

Anyway as the first (I think) actual female to respond, if I didn’t have to run into any of those guys afterwards (who the hell wants to be known as “that rich whore”) sure sign me up.

And I’ll give you a million back if I can keep the immunity to STD.

Money has never been my motivation for anything. Nope, I wouldn’t do it.

Money? I thought I was doing it for the year of kinky sex.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear on my intentions in the OP. I am very suprised that you guys are willing to do it. When I first asked the question I was in agreement that I would to, however after some thought, I am not so sure. Sex establishes dominance. Ladies, Is there not an amount of vulnerability felt when a guy has sex with you? I decided that this feeling of vulnerability and uselesness would destroy my self worth.
I think that betenoir was correct that I should have said that the guys would be male prostitutes so that in mind, does your opinion still stand? Seriously put yourself in the situation and consider the after effects. Aside from have $15 million to spend.

for 15 million dollars, i’d eat my father’s poo, covered with anus blood.

this is a dumb question. hell, for any of you rich dopers our there, serve up the shit and i am ready to consuke it.

not to be gross, but 15 mil basically says that anyone willing to recieve it would do just about anything. 15 thousand would be a much more interesting question. it’s not really a lot of money, but it’s enough to pay the rent for 6 months.

Wow! So you are saying that your self respect is not worth $15 thousand but for $15 million you would be used and treated like total dirt and basically be raped a year? You’re that strong to live through that?
Not to be hokey but didn’t you guys see indecent proposal? I think that movie was pretty strong. Money is money… it will be gone over time but your memories and self worth will be with you forever. We aren’t talking about a week or even a month here. ONE WHOLE YEAR! that blows me away.

PS: I don’t think this a dumb question at all but thanks for your opinion Zuma.

The thing is, I’ve slept with a woman or two that I had no great interest in, it was sex. I don’t attach my self worth to sex. I have, I think, more confidence in my self-worth/value than to be troubled by random sexual encounters.

Believe me, I don’t normally attach sex with self worth. I have had more than my share of one night stands but that isn’t what we are talking about here. We are talking about sex acts that you would not normally be involved in. Very uncomfortable acts. You would be at another persons mercy and totally violated. I value all of your opinions and am not trying to argue. I just find it hard to believe that no one would have an issue with esentially being raped by hundreds of people for a full year just to get rich!

Of course we’d have a problem with it! I for one would have a HUGE problem with it!

But with 15 million bucks you can buy yourself alllll the psychiatrists, drugs, sex, food, peace of mind that you’ll need to get over it.

My life sucks all year, every year, so why not have it suck a lot worse for one year and use the rest to PARTY! :wink:

BTW, I’m male, like most people on this thread apparently… I think it would be a lot easier if it was just “normal women”. I think I could probably manage the other two options, but I would have to sink pretty deep into a heroin addiction to forget it afterwards!

  • G. Raven

Close your eyes man!!! It doesn’t matter who owns it. It all feels the same in the dark.
I’d do it in a heart beat.

zuma wrote:

Not if you live in the Silicon Valley, it’s not. (Grumble grumble.)