warbucket.com siezed by the DoJ. Is this for real?

Check out this link:


In a nutshell, it claims that the site has been siezed and shut down by the Department of Justice. I am not familiar with this website, but it was just pointed out to me on a blog I frequent. I know the Department of Justice siezed a couple of websites selling drug paraphenalia, but the pages they put up their place looked nothing like this one. Some of the wording strikes me as suspicious, too. For example:

None of which I thought were a crime.

Is this a hoax, or should I start digging a heavily fortified rec room for myself?

Must be a hoax. When I follow your link, all I get is a brown page and a smiley-face.

no text on site for me?

No text for me, either, just a purple smilie face and a brown page.

Seems to me that if the Feds really had shut down the website, it would be giving me a “Page Not Found” instead of a purple smilie face.

Maybe they got hacked or something … there’s just a big smilie there right now. (2:50 PM ET)

Isn’t Warbucket a Warcraft strategy site?

It’s a joke. Check out The In Clan, or just google for Warbucket – you can access the rest of the site from Google’s cache.

OK. Mystery solved. It is, as I suspected, a hoax. It was presented to me as deadly serious Big Brother-type stuff. It sounded fishy to me, but these days, who knows? So naturally, I came to the SDMB–your online clearinghouse for all of your ignorance-fighting needs.

At least that’s what I got a minute ago. Now I get a page of SQL errors and a note at the bottom saying they should have the site up in a few hours.

Not necessarily a “page not found”. I know of some cases where sites really were shut down, but they were allowed to put up a short, single page telling what happened.

For those interested, this is the image used for the practical joke. Does look pretty official and all. Heh.

The hoax is based on Isonews.com, which really was shut down by the Department of Justice around a month ago.