Wardrobe malfunction or stylist error

This morning I forced myself out of bed to face another exciting day at the office. Up, showered, moisturized and ready to dress, I headed back into the bedroom where Snoring Beauty still let me know his status was not one I should disturb. Therefore I elected to dress in the dim light of morning. It didn’t matter, I already knew exactly what I planned to wear and where all the pieces of my gear could be found.

A bit of interesting information: I have recently lost some weight. As we all know, this is a good thing. I am still overweight, but less than I was. As a result, some of my wardrobe fits loosely. I haven’t had the time or the inclination to go shopping in the muck and slush of late winter. So be it. I now have a few pairs of trousers that can be pulled up or down without undoing the fly. They weren’t designed to be that way but it sure makes for faster dressing.

Okay then. Panties on. Bra on. Socks? Check. Pants? Check. Top and Jacket? Check, check. Lastly, the necklace. Check. Back to the lighted bathroom to take the cell phone off the charger and put it in my pocket.

Except that I can find the pocket. Whaa?? Did I grab my pocketless blue pants instead of the black ones I was trying for back there in the gloom of the bedroom. Nope. These look black. So then what??




I’ve got my pants on backwards. :smack:

Thank you for making me laugh!

I should have asked other Dopers to confess to their own wardrobe malfunctions. C’mon people, 'fess up!

I have done the backwards pants thing with my old rock climbing shorts. They’re kind of like board shorts but more elastic, they have no pockets, and the logo is bottom right whether you see them from the front or the back. So when you’re not wearing them the tag is the only way to tell the from from the back.

I kept thinking that the boys felt a bit snug. As I was looking down, doing up my harness realized I was looking at the saggy part of the shorts where my butt should be.

Ok, here’s mine: I wear aloha shirts to work everyday. I am a very lazy dresser, undresser and clothes washer. I just whip the shirt over my head when I undress, toss it into the shirt laundry basket and wash it with all but the top two buttons buttoned. Shirts go thru the dryer then are hung up ready to wear.

Mrsin on the other has a fetish about undoing every button on his shirts prior to doing the laundry and buttoning only the third button when hanging them back up. He usually does mine the way I like. You can see where this is going…

I grab a shirt throw it on (in the dim light), go to work, teach my first class and on the way back to my office cross paths with an admin person in the hallway touring around a muckety-muck. She looks at me with horror. I go into my office and realize my well worn body is being covered by a shirt with only ONE button buttoned.:smack: I can’t even imagine the trauma my students suffered.

At the time this happened I was working in an office with a very relaxed dress code. I get ready and dressed as usual; wearing a 2 piece sweater material tunic and pants. Arrive at work hang up coat. Grab a coffee. Stop at bosses desk to shoot the breeze. My left hand absently rubbing the side of my pants . . . I felt the big rolled seam. I had the pants on wrong side out.
In my defense the fabric looked exactly the same on either side. The only difference was the seams.

This morning I pulled on my longjohns and realized that they were totally crotchless. I can thank the dog for that.

brainstall, I’d steer clear of that dog if I were you. :wink:

I was at the pool one time when I realized I had on my bathing suit bottoms inside out. (Okay, to be completely honest this has happened to me twice!) This was less than a year post-baby, so I’m already freaking out over the fact that I’m in a bathing suit at all (nice tankini that tries to cover baby belly, but shows of breastfeeding rack!), and then I notice the stupid tag on the back and seams showing.

I got up one morning, tiptoed into the bathroom to bathe, do hair, makeup, etc. Like the OP, I knew what I was going to wear to work that day, even had it laid out, so I didn’t turn on a light that would awaken HeWhoMustNotBeDisturbed.

Everything seemed to go well until I got to work (45 minutes away) only to find that the only element that hadn’t been laid out the night before, my shoes, didn’t match. I had on one black kiltie loafer and one brown one. :smack:

In my defense, they were exactly the same shoes, but different colors. And yes, I got razzed the whole day and asked if I had another pair just like them at home.

I almost did that once a few years ago–I realized it on the way to the bus stop and went back to get my other black shoe. I still have the same two pairs of shoes, and I keep them both in a not-too-organized pile by my front door, so I’m basically tempting fate every day. Hasn’t happened again since then, though.

Glad I’m not the only one who buys multiple colors of comfy/nice shoes.

I don’t usually have very obvious fails, but I do manage to put my underwear on inside out with alarming frequency. I attribute this to the fact that all my nice undies are tagless and most of them are that “seamless” style, so it really is hard to tell which side is the right one!

I have made it to work once with them on right-side out …

but on backwards. Not sure how I managed that one, actually. There was a tricky moment in the office bathroom that morning.

I was doing some shopping and errands one day - I had been trying on clothing and then left the store to go to pick up a modem.

So I get there, I’m getting the modem and buddy starts acting very odd, looking at the roof, etc. I’m thinking he’s just some nerdy computer guy - not used to talking to girls, etc (this was quite a few years ago when the stereotype was more accurate).

I got home and glanced in the mirror. When I had left the clothing shop I obviously hadn’t fastened my blouse correctly - it was unbuttoned down to my waist and my bright red lace bra was hanging out for all the world to see.


Alice, you just reminded me of the time I had been sitting in a crowded booth at a bar. When I got up to leave, I got tons of wolf whistles. I looked down and saw my bra and breasts exposed to all. I immediately sat back down and tried to cover myself.

I had forgotten that the button-front dress I had one was a cheapy with buttonholes that were a bit too big. In the crowded booth, I must have kept my arms pressed close to my sides which undid the buttons. For some reason, that dress immediately went into the donation bag when I got home.

In high school, I had pair of pants where the zipper didn’t work. Due to my ADHD-like symptoms and the fact that I had several identical pairs, I kept assuming I was just forgetful. This went on for at least a few months.

Did I mention this was high school?