Warehouse 13 08/25 (spoilers, obviously)

First let me say that the Alice in the mirror is the creepiest freaking thing I’ve seen for a long time.

There was one tiny detail in last night’s show that helped me figure out why I enjoy this show so much and most other shows make me want to impatiently heave a brick through the screen. It was when Artie and Co. were trying to figure out how they were going to warn Pete that Myka was actually a creepy murdering psychotic Victorian in disguise, since Myka had the Farnsworthy. Claudia says, “Duh, he’s at a big hotel!” Artie goes :smack: and then they call the hotel and have Pete paged so they can give him the message.

Now in almost any other show, something random would happen to prevent Pete from getting that message. And then he’d go do something stupid, and something else just as random would happen to save him, and we’d bumble on that way all the way to the end credits, when Pete would miraculously figure it out in the last 5 seconds. The tension would come from him not knowing, and from the others trying to contact him and failing. That kind of cheap hackneyed suspense trick irritates me.

What really happened, however, was that Pete got the message. The tension then came from wondering what he was going to do about it. Obviously he was going to succeed (it’s the kind of show where the good guys win - I like that kind of show), but how? What will they do to save her? What are they willing to do?

This episode felt a bit rushed but it seems like the actors are finally settling into their characters, and the characters are getting used to each other. Artie is my favorite; he started out as your basic eccentric scientist but now he’s starting get close to the others, which is obviously scaring him (understandable, considering most of his other co-workers have died horribly).

I still haven’t worked out where Leena fits in to all this; she has free access to the warehouse, and houses and feeds everybody, and gives a hand where needed, and offers impromptu therapy, but she’s obviously not a Secret Service agent. Maybe she’s the warehouse’s Father Mulcahy. Or maybe she’s the love child of Artie and Mrs. Frederics.

I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll continue making a show I want to watch and not devolve into an angst-ridden over-dramatic suckfest like everything else on TV (one of the criticisms on IMDB is that it’s not “serious” - why the hell does everything have to be “serious”?) and so far I’m not disappointed. It’s fun, it’s got cool stuff and interesting storylines, and Saul Rubinek totally rocks.

And I was glad to hear that Myka kept the ferret. I’d been wondering what they did with it.

Good episode. Some golden comedy in there, and some good acting on Myka’s part (meaning the actress, not the character, obviously).

And that she named it Pete.

I love the Studio 54 disco ball too. They need to spend more time showing the objects that are already in the Warehouse. Those seem a lot more fun than the ones that are already out there.

I believe she is Mrs. Frederick’s enforcer. :dubious:

How did Alice know some things Myka knew, like her associate’s names, but not the name of the ferret?

There seems to be a lot of “Eureka” crossover happening. The couple who had the artifact play a couple on the show Eureka: she the deputy, he a brilliant physicist. And the previews said Joe Morton from Eureka will appear in next week’s episode.


Myka could hear the outside world from inside the mirror. To fanwank from that, we can presume that Alice had overheard a decent amount of conversation, but of course only that time that anyone was near the mirror, which would almost always mean Pete (the human) would be there.

Maybe some actors are under contract to SyFy for difference shows. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Sage Rat, good idea. But how does it come to pass that she could hear them and they couldn’t hear her?

Curiouser and curiouser.

So, if Alice was in the mirror, who was playing ping pong with Pete?

I thought this was the best episode of the series so far. We’ve got a story arc going, we’ve got actors settling in to their roles, and the writing is improving. I’m bad with actor names, but the woman playing Myka impressed me last night. She played at least four distinctly different characters–Myka, Alice-playing-Myka, Drunken Bimbo, and Alice.

On the downside, yet again, there was nothing about the football. I like the football. Also, while the pacing of the episode seems much improved, it still feels a little rushed in parts.
Leena is interesting. I’m not convinced she’s human. She sorta reminds me of Guinan from ST:TNG mixed with…something else.

I was really hoping that *Eureka *and Warehouse 13 were in the same universe, dammit.

Oh, and daaaaaaamn… that black dress on Myka. Sweet Zombie Jesus.

Ernie refered to “those…things” did he not? Until this episode it seemed that some alter ego existed of anyone as a reflection. Now it seems it was Alice taking on any alter ego.

Or there are other trapped bad people in it, just waiting for the chance.

I’m assuming since what’s his name played ping pong with his “alter ego” and no one cried for help…
Well, hell.

It’s in the Dark Room now, anyway.

Yes, Myka looked yummy in this episode. And on the same note, the Eureka actress (“Jo”) was smokin’ hot in her silver dress. When they showed her from behind as she was walking down the hotel hallway, I was like “Whoa!”

-Tangent, an assman.

The previews for next week’s episode looked nice and creepy, too (ghosts in a prison - they should let the Ghost Hunters guest star, that’d be fun). It looked like they might let Claudia do something besides hang around the warehouse making smart-ass comments and building things.

Did anyone catch where the magic poker chip came from? They squeezed in a few hurried lines about how the Eureka people stole it from some guy who said it saved him from a fire, but it was so fast I missed it.

I’m not sure it said much more than that. The poker chip was a secondary concern for the episode, so I’m not sure that it’s history was all that important.

I tried to find the point where they talked about on Hulu, but it looks like I’d have to watch the whole episode since I can’t recall where it came out.

Yes, this was a good episode. I loved the hug between Pete and Myka at the end, and the stilted one between her and Artie.

You can really see how Artie is afraid of becoming to close to them. I hope that will be explored further…

You gotta wonder if there are other warehouse agents, or if Pete and Myka were replacements. :slight_smile:

Right after Jo from Eureka used the chip, she was confronted by Pete, and he mentioned a fire at mumble casino…

This is the one part of the show that I don’t like. Unlike similar shows, there’s no consistent mythology with regards to the origin of the objects. Heck, usually there isn’t really any explanation at all. Some sort of pseudoscience over supernatural background is implied but never really explored. The premiere implies that there is some universal explanation, since the anti-object goo would seem to require all the objects to have the same basis for working. But that explanation is never explored.