warm me up

No. It’s not as bitterly cold here as, I’m sure, it is in other parts of the world, but it’s damn cold here nonetheless. That kind of chill that gets into your bones and settles there–so you’re never really quite warm, even hours after you’ve come in from the cold.
So I implore you–I appeal to your collective wit and creativity–warm me up. Tell me about how warm it is where you are, describe that great summer vacation to the Bahamas, give me in-depth details about how you keep warm, distract me with bad jokes…I don’t care what it is.
I’m just so…c-c-c-c-cold.

Have mercy on a little icicle, please.

It’s cold here, too. Not miserably cold, but much colder than normal for Colorado. High of 30 degrees today, but the nights have been getting down to 5 or 10 degrees.

My way of dealing with this is to focus on the fact that one week from today, I will be sitting on a beach in Hawaii, palm trees swaying above me, and waitresses will be bringing me Mai Tais and Pina Coladas to cool me down. I suggest you book a trip someplace warm. It somehow makes the cold weather seem nice. After all, who wants to go someplace tropical when it’s 70 degrees out at home?

  1. Put a big ol’ afghan on the sofa
  2. Have a big bowl of your favorite thick, hot soup ready - cream of potato is a good one
  3. Take a hot shower
  4. Towel off, don sweats.
  5. Plop down on sofa, wrap afghan around you, eat soup.

mmmmm - toasty!!

Athena, I will be with you in spirit–I’ll be no trouble; keep quiet, won’t take up much room. But that’s about the closest I’ll be getting to any place tropical. (If only that damned PS2 generated some warmth…)
Still, have a marvelous time, luck thing.

FCM, thanks for the idea. I have already promised to cuddle up with my son on the sofa after work, and luckily I have a big, yellow cat that is perfect for this kind of thing. Soup sounds soooo good right now. sigh

Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

Hot chocolate warms the soul. Drink plenty.
I’ll send you some desert sand when I go to Arizona next week.

Struuter, mosey on down to my recipe thread and check out the chicken and rice soup on page one. I promise that if you have a bowl of that in front of you all thoughts of chill and misery will vanish in a cloud of aromatic steam.

Oh yeah, and FCM’s afghan and couch thing too.

I find more and more in the winter I wear socks. I suppose my circulation is getting tired of all the work and skipping a few laps in the old circulatory system.

Then again, hardwood floors aren’t really known for heat retintion.

Saint, I’ve been a sock girl all my life. What is it they say? Cold hands/feet, warm heart? :slight_smile:

xizor, I’ll have some of that Arizona sunshine too, while you’re at it. Have a nice trip.

Zen, gosh I keep forgetting to post my favorite soup. Chicken Tortilla. Sweet heaven, but a bowl of that restores your faith in humankind. And chickens too.

What I need right now is someone to warm up my hands. Think I’ll wrap them around a hot cup of coffee.

My special tallent is warming up my wife’s cold hands. I’m pretty hot blooded as far as body heat goes (not so much in temperment). I dare my wife to put her hands anywhere on me and make me jump from the shock of the cold. She has yet to find a time or place where I feel discomfort. I particularly like those consenting adults places (nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more).

So, I would heartily encourage you to put your hands where it would do you and me the most good :D, but I don’t know if you’re a he or a she and most importantly, my wife would disapprove regardless.

Ahem Well QuickSilver, just the idea of the offer is enough bring on a blush, so you must have more warming talent than you first thought. :wink:

I hope your wife takes full advantage of your heat-generating abilities. giggle

Oh she does, she does! Why just yesterday, I was home with a bit of a cold and she suggested we lock the kids out of our bedroom and have a quickie heating session. She was particularly cold at that moment and was willing to do all the work to maximize the warming benefits.

Am I a lucky man or what?! :slight_smile:

damn straight.

Yeah, it’s cold here in the Burg, too.

But I’ve found the solution to all of that. I am currently sitting at my computer, wrapped in the comfiest blanket in the world, drinking hot chocolate.

But, it gets better. My comp is strategically placed so that there is a heating vent right in the foot well of the desk. Therefore, my feet stay nice and toasty, constantly.

Hey, being home sick has its advantages.

Of course, it also has it’s disadvantages <cough headache cough>

Ah well, I’ll get over it. Time for some more hot chocolate, hope it warms up for ya, struuter!

What happened to the good old days when your PC would put out some serious BTUs and keep your whole office warm? Nowadays these flimsy energy efficient things remain cold to the touch. Time to do some over-clocking, if not for the speed than at least for the extra heat.

I’ve already beat you to that one, my friend. Got caught earlier today warming my hands on the top of my monitor. Clever co-worker says, “If you use that handy keyboard you’ll find that you can communicate a lot faster.”

Good thing he couldn’t read my mind…

If you don’t warm up right now, I’ll send Rosanne over to your house greased up with Crisco. She’ll snuggle up next to you, and sing “You are my sunshine,” while she eats a bowl of chili that drips down her greasy naked body. As she finishes up, she’ll use her feet to reach up and scrape the fallen chili off and will feed it to you with her toes until you’re warm.

So struuter, just how cold are you?

Well, you could either do it artificially (light a fire, lots of clothes, hot soup). Or you could find a person who warms up like an oven and just steal their aura. I’m so lucky to have a bunch of warm people in my life so I have someone to cuddle with at my freezing cold school. It’s strange, we live in Florida where it’s hot, so all the buildings feel the need to air condition to sub-zero tempuratures.

Reread the second page or so of SDMB High School.

My partner discovered this in our office last winter, and it works great! She was sitting and needed to pick something with both hands, but she was holding a freshly pooured mug of hot coffee. She decided to briefly hold the mug between her legs, just aft of the knees.

Wow! I guess there’s some junction of nerves there or something; I don’t know, but it does work. She immediately told me and I’ve been using the method ever since.

at work: huddle around the copiers. they throw out a lot of heat.

at home: light some candles, fill up the tub with very hot water, take some hot chocolate with you. apres bath, put on your most comfortable warm outfit, and find a cuddle pal.