Warner Brothers Cartoons

Is there anywhere that the old WB cartoons are still shown?
Do they show them on the cartoon network or Saturday mornings?
I was wondering since that is what I grew up on before cable and satellite. Do kids these days even know who BugsBunny is or have they seen any of the episodes?

Any parents out there who can ask they’re kids if they’ve heard of Sylvester @ Tweety, Elmer Fudd, FoghornLeghorn, etc…

Cartoon Network has them on all the time. Even has neat little shows called Toon Heads that showcase one director at a time, like Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, etc, and shows three or four cartoons with similar themes. Then they give you a bunch of trivia and backstory. Vey cool stuff. The best one has “What’s Opera, Doc”, “Rabbit of Seville”, and “Rhapsody Rabbit.” I drool just thinking about how good those cartoons are.


I remember every Saturday morning watching the Bugs Bunny-Road Runner show on CBS. And those weren’t even the best of the cartoons.

Great days. Great days.


(cue rocking chair and harmonica music)

That’s it, hold it right there! Pronoun trouble.”

I swear, laying around on some old disk of mine, I have a sound file of that.

Man, I love those cartoons.

Bugs and friends have roamed the airwaves for years, and there’s no sign of stopping. Cartoon Network is now the only place you can find Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, after the 1999 cancellation of The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show on ABC.

If you ever need an online fix of the Looney Tunes characters, this site is loaded with sound files.

Yosemite Sam: “I’m Riff Raff Sam, the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raff.”

Back when Nickelodeon was still worth a damn, they showed 4 Looney Tunes on individual half-hour “episodes”. I think they were mainly the newer ones, however. It never ceases to amaze me to see the age-old original reels on Cartoon Network, especially with some of the other crap they have on that channel. Quite the contradiction. [slight hijack] Has anyone else noticed that they are showing the original episodes of Tom and Jerry, with the unwhite-washed legs?