What's the deal with Cartoon Network & T.V. Land?

I really like these 2 channels, but they’re starting to bore me. They have eons of old cartoons/sitcoms to choose from, yet they both choose to re-run the same shows over, & over, & over, & over, & over, and over! WHY? Is there a sound reason?

For example, instead of playing the same Bugs Bunny cartoon 3 times in the same day, why don’t they slip in an episode of Pink Panther, or The Archies, or Fat Albert. There has to be thousands of cartoons from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s they could play once in a while.

T.V. Land is in the same situation. Can you imagine all the shows from the 60’s & 70’s that we’ve forgotten about that they could play? Instead it’s 24 hours of I love Lucy and such.

Could there be a sound legal or business reason for any of this?

There is a good reason for not airing other shows. They don’t own the rights to them. TV Land or Cartoon Network most likely wouldn’t not be able to sell commercial time for any more if they ran a Flintstones episode or Pink Panther so why bother purchasing more.

Well, they DO air other episodes, they just change them on a daily basis. I know cartoon network changes a lot of it’s programming on a somewhat bi-annual basis. And late at night, the sometimes play very strange cartoons…

I don’t know about TV Land, but Cartoon Network has another channel called Boomerang set aside for most of the older shows they have the rights to. I’d imagine Cartoon Network pretty much gets the most popular shows and puts the rest on Boomerang.

One thing that does annoy me about Cartoon Network is the constant airing of Scooby Doo reruns, though. Is it really THAT popular?

Don’t they like lease those things? I mean, I’ve watched Bugs Bunny cartoons almost forever and I’m real tired of him and company. I remember when the Flintstones first came on TV! Now, I’m kind of tired of them. No, real tired of them. Wilma should have divorced Fred years ago. The Jetsons used to be kind of fun, but then they started having episodes where his boss gets involved in everything and I’m real tired of the little creep.

A couple of cartoons vanished off of Nickelodeon, Rocko’s Modern Life and Real Monsters – leaving the cartoon which started all of the current drooling and gross spots in cartoonage of today – Ren and Stimpy. (Ugh!)

There used to be dozens of Saturday Morning cartoon shows in the 60s and 70s – not like today, where kids could watch happily from something like 7 AM to noon, si I’d think they could find others.

I’m real unpleased with their little ‘filmetts’ where they use copywritten cartoon characters and computer animation to make them ay and do goofy things. Like make Space Ghost (my hero of preteen years) act like a dumb bugger.

There were some new computer animations out, like Kartoons – a city and family of nuts where everyone was a car expert and drove souped up cars, one about an odd cat that lived in a house with another cat – no people – where strange things happened and for a time O Canada was churning out some weird but cool ones. HBO used to air cartoon from film schools – back when cable had lots of empty slots and HBO took two hour long intermissions – that were great – like Sandman – a weird cartoon of figures made from sand, and then a cool stop action animation with people in it where the hero was a detective. (You had to see it to believe it.) Similar to the stop action motorcycle scenes – guys riding cycles – but no cycles there – seen on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Don’t forget new views for Nick, TVland and Cartoon are being created. I rarely watch these channels as now the shows they show I grew up with.

I have seen so many airings of 3’s Company and the Jeffersons I could care less.

But when they originally came on I loved…Donna Reed, Ann Sothern, My Three Sons (B&W) and Car 54. All those shows were off before I was born. They were new to me.

So all these reruns now are new to someone just not us.