warning-don't tell me any secrets

i was thinking to myself…i don’t think i’ve ever completly kept someone else’s secret. if you told me a secret, i’d probably have to tell someone, probably someone that didn’t know you.

have you ever completely kept a secret?

Don’t tell anyone I asked you this.

We’re all here, because we’re not all there!

I have kept most secrets that anyone has told me.

O p a l C a t

I have a hard enough of a time keeping my own secrets.

I’m not tellin’.

I have enough secrets of my own to worry about!

If he only knew…



I’ve forgotten more secrets than most people have heard…

I just place the secret in the back of my mind, and think of other stuff.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I can keep other people’s secrets, but my own always need to be told to someone… kind of odd, like I’m asking to be found out or whatnot.

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I’m much better at keeping other peoples’ secrets than I ever used to be.

I still can’t keep my mouth shut about my own stuff though; I’m very proud of this actually: No one can ever blackmail me b/c I’m likely to spill the beans on whatever it is anyway.

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I don’t talk much, so keeping secrets isn’t too tough. I also have a job where I have to deal with a lot of confidential information.

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I can keep other people’s secrets, and I can keep my own secrets. When confronted about my own, however, I usually 'fess up.

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Yes. Lotsa times.

The way I always looked at it was: being told something in confidence and then blabbing about it later was not only a breach of trust, it would usually end up hurting the individual who placed the trust in me in the first place (at least for serious stuff). So I don’t.

OTOH, it took me a few bad experiences to learn that not everyone places the same value in that sort of trust.

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Umm… it depends, I guess. It depends on the person and circumstances under which the secret was told. Like when a co-worker tells me something and says not to tell any other co-workers, I won’t. But I don’t have any compunctions about telling my husband because he doesn’t know many of my co-workers because he only sees them twice a year at the company picnic and the Christmas party. So it’s doubtful he can put a face to the name or even remember the secret by the time he sees the person again. But it satisfies my urge to share something too good to keep to myself. So I see it as being about the same as confiding something to my dog; he doesn’t care, he won’t tell.

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I’m generally good at keeping private information to myself.

Yer pal,


Unless it’s some mega-cool secret that I NEED to tell someone, usually I keep things mostly secret.

I say mostly because I am often entrusted by some people with some personal details of their lives. If I do end up telling someone else that info, it’s definitely vague with no names. I’m not gossiping, I’m referring to some relevant stored knowledge. :slight_smile:

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I can keep a secret if it is another’s because it isn’t my place to tell, but my own are a whole different matter. I have the hardest time not letting someone know about their presents before the event.

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When I was a teenager, the girl I babysat told me a problem she had, and begged me to keep it a secret. I did. It wasn’t something where I’d get her in trouble if I told, but would be breaking her parents’ trust in me if I didn’t; it was something personal. I didn’t want to disrespect her the way my older sister or babysitters might have; not only disregarding their promise, but also belittling me, as in, “She thinks this is a huge problem, huh huh!” I wanted to treat her maturely, so she would act maturely.
And I’m still not going to tell.

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what was it? just kidding.

Have I lost any hope for security clearence?

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