Warning message when replying with quote

“You have selected 1 post that is not part of this thread. Quote this post as well, or deselect this post.”

I’ve been getting this today. The first time I thought it was because I split a quote, and the second half didn’t have the link to the thread. The second time was for a quote in full, that I did not edit.

What’s up with this? Has it been around and I just haven’t noticed it before? Or could it be that I’ve upgraded to Explorer 9?

Yes, that’s been around for a while. It’s part of the multi-quote function. Sometimes you end up with quotes from more than one thread in your clipboard and the software asks if you want to use them all in the same post, leave it in the clipboard, or clear it.

Ah, OK, thanks. It’s odd that I’ve never noticed it before, and it’s odd that it shows up even when I’m not using multi-quote. Call me oblivious.

It also can happen when you reply to a quote and then decide not to respond. It brings the previous quotes to the next thread since they’re on the clipboard.

Aha! That’s what I did! Back to The Game Room to fix that problem! :smiley: