Warning: mild (!)

Have you all been drinking pisswater American beer lately or what?

What the fuck is up with all of these godforsaken (weak rant) warnings I’m seeing lately? There’s at least three on the front page of the Pit as we speak! Goddamned cocksucking shitfaced goatfelching venom spewing pitizens can’t even get their ire and righteous indignation fired up! I know I’m not the only pansy-assed dormouse who depends on the savvy and biting witticism displayed here in the one and only SDMB BBQ Pit to provide me with a model of what true anger and fury is all about.

Show me some bile and spirit men! Ten-HUT!

Excuse the lack of cursing expertise. I’m new at this. Really. I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Really. D’oh!

I feel faint.

Copaesthetic, is that you? If it is, we could have a great rant about people who don’t pay attention to which account they’re posting under before posting! :smiley: (If it isn’t, I send my apologies, but that could be a good rant anyway. Try that one, it can inspire anger and fury. :p)

ducks & runs, far far away, attempting to avoid all hijacks

Sorry hon, it’s me ::grin:: Hubby’s got amazing anger management control. However, I’m with you on the not paying attention to which account is logged in rant. I SWEAR I only cookie the machines I use! I mean, ferchrissakes how difficult is it to verify who’s logged in, especially when you’re not using your own machine!

Drat. See, I’m not much for venom-spewing. This is why I need you guys to teach me! What kind of an example are we setting with these mild rants? Think of the children!

Doodness Dwacious!

Well, see, we could try that rant. I mean, really, all those…gosh darned…people who…diddly…use other…great googily schmoogily…accounts. What darned meanies!

I need help too. :smiley:

I used to be good at cursing, but they made me turn in all my really nasty classified swear words when I retired from the Army. Gosh it’s difficult now to rant at a busted car without the right words.

I’d give it an 8.6.

Good rant, not rambling, lack of a real… topic. I see you’re pissed that people arn’t… pissed.

Well random “fuck you” to the person who posts after me.

(better? :smiley: )

No, fuck YOU!


Fuck Cousin Brucie! Fuck YOOUUUU!

I know what you mean. Pisswater American beer really sucks donkey dick.

Real men and women drink stout!

Mmmmm … Beamish …

I drink Hi-C.
I am clearly neither a real man, nor a real woman.

And you fucking fuckers can all fucking kiss my fucking ass.