Warning: veeeery dodgy ICQ email

I just received this in my Hotmail account.

It’s an HTML mail, and there are form text boxes to fill in the ICQ details. The mail originated in Turkey. There may of course be an ICQ subsidiary there (haven’t had time to check) but I find this extremely dubious. If you get the same mail, don’t be a mug.

and just why would someone want your ICQ number and password?? It’s not like a credit card number that’s worth something. Very weird.

Guess I’ll hafta check my account tonight and see if I got one too…

I got something like this from someone that apparently just adapted this one to try to get your hotmail account instead. The subject was still “ICQ” something or other (actually, it had a weird accented “Y” instead of an “I”, but that’s how the Turkish keyboards are).
Anyway. I looked at the source, figured out that duh, it was a scam (I don’t even HAVE a hotmail account to steal), then cleaned up the mangled code and created a page using the same form to send fake username/passwords (or anything else) back. The first thing I sent back was a critique of his code.

If you feel like annoying the hell out of one of the lowlifes who try this crap, you can use my page too. here’s a link.

That’s hilarious. TheNerd, you rule.