Warning: World Cup Spoiler Websites...


I just popped on to BBC news, my favorite morning news website, and found that they are posting live World Cup match scores right on their front page :mad:

For us folks that are TIVOing or catching a tape delay, this really sucks. I thought it might be a good idea to post any websites to avoid over the next few weeks (aside from the obvious sites like ESPN and FIFA).

Heck, I’m even afraid to visit the Straight Dope. If you stumble across an irresponsible non-sport oriented spoiler site, please lend a brother a hand and post a warning :slight_smile:

Beware of:

BBC News
Google News
Any and all news aggregators (Fark, Slashdot, etc).

I think you’d better just rule out all news sites, period. Cripes, even Fox News has the Germany-Costa Rica result as a headline.

You want to really hurt yourself, google “fifa”. :slight_smile:

Especially in the USA, where Fussball is at best a mild curiosity, the news broadcasts see no reason not to slap up the scores as they come in, figuring the 27 people taping the games won’t exactly jam the switchboards when they call into complain about not waiting for them to see the tapes.

Best advice? Simply stop looking at any news sources during the entire World Cup, but I bet you still hear something in the background on the radio or will happen to catch that little blurb on the front page of a newspaper.

Just remembered - when I was living in Germany and the World Cup was on the other side of the planet, the Germans all got up at 3:00 AM to watch the games live. Most employers looked the other way when people were nodding out at their desk the next day.

True. When I was living in Germany in 2002, my office all but stopped working during Germany’s WC matches… we even used the conference room facilities (projector/screen, surround sound, etc.). I’d never sat cross-legged on a conference table before :slight_smile: