Was gonna pit Chris Hanson, Here to Love you all instead!

I was in the mood for a pitting, Chris Hanson of Dateline being my subject (To Catch a Predator: Messed up. Entrapment. Wrong on about 6 levels. Highly annoying and repulsive, not because of the pathetic shmoes getting nailed, either.) But since I don’t come around very much these days (I used to live here, pretty much. See Great Debates and the Pit, circa 1999-2002, mostly) I thought it owulod be prudent and polite of me to search and see what has been said on the subject.

I found a good number of references, and in reading, I was reminded about how much I love the Dope and the people who are drawn here. The clear thinking is such a fresh breeze! Bless you all.

Bless you, too, dear Stoid. Nice to see you around again! Hope all is well with you!

Nice to see you, stoid. Welcome back.

Thanks, you guys! Nice to have a little warmth thrown my way.

I do miss it here, but I have SO many time-sucks it is a constant battle to stay focused.


Hi! I hope your stay is pleasant, however long.

Hiya, Stoid!