Was I off-key Constable?

Even if you’re not a Queen fan this is worth watching to the end. :cool:

I’ll have what he’s having!

He’s not terrible. Not good either but not terrible.

I love the fact that although they arrived at their destination they waited until he finished singing to take him out of the car and also that the entire song seemed to be a work up to “nothing really matters to the RCMP”

My favorite part:

Calm down!

I can’t!

Till he finishes? the song, then he is all mr calm manners. He ranting before the singing was rather funny as well. I find it interesting how people who are REALLY out of it can sometimes still pull off feats of skill that would be impressive if they were stone cold sober.

Let him go.

Like a boss

Wait, did he confess to killing a man? :eek:

This was one of the stories on our local TV news last night.

It’s pretty funny, but the fact that a 4-month-old Canadian police video is considered “relevant news” says a lot about the quality of “journalism” at our local affiliates.

His arrest and initial rant is also interesting.