Question about Queen Live At Wembley Stadium concert

Immediately after singing Another One Bites The Dust, Freddie starts talking about something I can’t understand, something about a band. Only when he points his ass and says to the audience “They’re talking from here”.

Because english is not my native language, I was not able to catch his words. Would some doper tell me what is he talking about?

He says something about rumors of the band breaking up. Let me pop in my DVD so I can get the exact wording…

Okay, here we go:

    • :frowning: , double :frowning: :(, considering that he said it right before “Who Wants to Live Forever.”

Truly an awesome show, though. One of the best Queen shows ever caught on tape, IMHO. IIRC, it was their next-to-last public concert ever.

Thank you very much, neutron star, and I agree with you in the quality of that show. :wink:

Btw, did he know about his disease at that moment?

Actually, I’ve wondered that for a long time. AFAIK, it’s never been made public exactly when he found out. He didn’t even publicly admit he had AIDS until the day before his death.