Was it just me? Really?

I’ve been trying to post, nay, view the boards and/or the main page for the past fifty minutes and I’ve gotten consisent ‘page not available’ messages until now. Rest assured my internet is working properly. Was this just me or are the boards acting especially funky these days? If this question is superfluous, then please feel free to lock this, as is your wont (to the mods of course). My apologies for the stilted phrasing of this query; I feel a little embarrassed asking questions such as this, but… fifty minutes? Holy cow.

It was down since about 10 p.m., there’s a pit thread, it wasn’t just you.

Me too. And it looked like fff.fathom.org went down too. How odd. Connected?

The board was down for more like an hour and a half. Not you, you and many, many, other frustrated Dopers.

I hate having about 2 dozen open threads from ATMB and the Pit open right now, but this timeout crap is getting ridiculous.

They haven’t been working for about four hours or so. Not since lunchtime anyway, and it’s almost 5.00pm now.

Fathom has been down ever since** Opal ** moved. More like a month now, she’s promised that it will reopen soon, but that was weeks ago.

By the way, this is not a rant on Opal at all, she has that board up at her own expense, and we just like to hang out there for free.

It wasn’t just you. It was down for me for more than 3 1/2 hours.

Whatever the reason, we are at least owed an explanation, and acknowledgment of the issue.

So… that answers that question. Now what? I’m not a fan of pointless complaining, but this is getting ridiculous.

Oh look, another Steel Reserve. Aaah, that hits the spot.

Ah, thank you. When ever we go down I always read fathom because there’s usually an announcement as to what happened here. So … um…

[Emily Litella]
[/Emily Litella]

I don’t think acknowledgement is the problem. Tuba has admitted that there have been recent, and increasing problems with timeouts. What I don’t recall seeing it an admission to knowing what the problem is, whether they know or not. In the past, before the new server the timeouts seemed to come often, but always brief. These new timeouts seem much longer, and they affect the Straight Dope front page as well. I haven’t checked, but I would be curious to know if they’re affecting The Reader’s website as well.

I would love to start an IMHO thread about this, in order to get accurate member feedback, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t word if perfectly and it would be shut down, along with subsequent threads of a similar nature.

I guess any thread that highlights the boards shortcomings outside of the Pit, are likely to be shut down. I would assume the same about a thread in another forum that points to a Pit thread as well.

Our voice is of many, and is reverberant, but it matters not when the higher power decides that it is no longer beholden to us. Truly, this is a sad day for all concerned.

I was under the impression Fathom was just recently returned to service.

That’s a good point, and it’s made me wonder if maybe this time it isn’t an issue with the Boards as such.

She’s been up since 8-12.
Now, about the SDMB;
I thought some of the problems lay in the search function being used/abused here.
There was a short span in which the time between searches was lengthened to 240 seconds and now it’s back to 60. There was talk at the time that searching wreaked havoc on the server and that seemed to be an acceptable scapegoat.
Has anything changed since?