Was it Steve Lawrence or Andy Williams?

The song goes, approximately:
Anyone who sees her
Soon forgets the Mona Lisa;
It would take, I know,
A Michelangelo,
And he would need a [unintelligible]…
[unintelligible] above, to try to paint a portrait of my love!

I couldn’t remember the parts I list here as unintelligible, nor do I really know which singer recorded it.
Any info?

You’re probably thinking of Perry Como’s version of “Portrait Of My Love.”
Others have covered it as well, though.

Steve Lawrence recorded a version of the song, “A Portrait of my Love” in 1961. Music by Cyril Ornadel with lyrics by David West, 1961. It made number 55 in the Billboard Top 100 for that year.

Thanks to both. :slight_smile: I’d still like to know what were the lyrics I represented in the OP with “unintelligible.

Here ya go:

Anyone who sees her,
soon forgets the Mona Lisa!
It would take I know, a Michaelangelo,
and he would need the glow of dawn
that paints the sky above
to try and paint a portrait of my love!

Thanx :slight_smile: