Was Jeff Varner the last person voted off Survivor?

Do NOT name names, I just need to know if Jeff was the last voted off. I am not sure if we here in Australia are up to speed with the American show, so all I need to know is…

Was Jeff the last person voted off.

Yes/No. No names. No spoilers.

Thank you.

If I understand your question, the answer is no. Another episode aired last night in which another person was voted off. Jeff went in the episode immediately prior to that one.

There’s many ways to take this question:
[li]Was he the last possible person voted off? No, because we’ve only seen 8 episodes of the 14 scheduled.[/li][li]Was he voted off in the last episode I saw here in the US? No, see below.[/li][li]Was he voted off in the last episode you could’ve seen in Australia? Probably yes. He was voted off in episode 7. He was the first Barramundi voted out, and also the last one to not return for the final jury. The next 7 voted out will form the jury that selects the $1,000,000 winner.[/li][/ul]

The site http://www.cbs.com has links to the show’s data. It only reveals what has been seen on US TV, including voting history of everyone.

Actually, it was Jeff Probst who was voted out. Life has been much less stressful now that nobody is coming around their camp making them play in the hot sun. :D:D

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