Was Lego Indiana Jones 2 released for the PS2?

Simple question, really. I see the second lego Indy game has been released and that it was supposed to be out for PS2, which is the only system I own.

However, I don’t see it available anywhere online for the system.

What’s up?

Also for the masses - does it include the levels from the first one? 'Cause I have that, just haven’t played it. I’d hate to double up for no good reason.

FWIW, the official site only lists it for the 360, PS3, Wii, PC and the various handhelds. I don’t think it’s available for the PS2.

Also, regarding content… I haven’t played it, but reading reviews seems to indicate that the game uses completely redesigned levels for the first three movies, not the same levels as the first title. But they also point out that Lego Indiana Jones 2 focuses mainly on “Crystal Skull” with as much as a third to half of the game focusing on the fourth film. The first game spends far more time on the original trilogy, where the second presents them in a more “condensed” form.

As a plus it appears there’s some sort level editor included to flesh out the game.

No, Indiana Jones Lego 2 doesn’t come for the PS2. I’ve no idea where this came from as I never saw any indication of it, though people keep saying they did.

I haven’t played it yet, but do know it doesn’t contain any repeats of the previous game. They also throw in Indy 4, and I believe it starts with Indy 4. I hope to be able to fire it up this weekend when the family is away. Oddly enough I haven’t read all that much about it even though I hang out on a couple of Indy forums.

Damn, death of PS2 titles. Ah well. Bargain bin hunting here I come.

I think nearly 10 years is an awfully good run. :smiley: