Was Rihanna just as abusive Chris Brown?

Hate to drag up an old story but GC has a new interview with her.
Was it ever mentioned if Rhianna had a violent temperment like Chris Brown?
I know when the whole thing went down she looked beat up but he also had scratch marks on his face.
Not that it justifies his behavior in any way but did anyone ever question her being just as abusive as him? I seem to recall she started the fight first and attacked him (again, not that it justifies him hitting back).
Was it possible she kept mum about the situation because she also is an abusive person and wanted to keep that on the down low?

This sounds like a question for the YouTube comment board. Plenty of people wondered what Rihanna had done to make Chris Brown beat her like that. As far as I know (I could be wrong) he doesn’t deny choking her, biting her or threatening to kill her. True, if she was abusive he may be keeping quiet in an effort not to ruin his reputation, but none of it made it into the police report, which sounds like a depressingly familiar case of DV.

Also, defending oneself, fighting back or calling the cops doesn’t make someone less of a victim of abuse, and ‘provoking’ fights verbally doesn’t give anyone the right to beat someone up. A victim of DV doesn’t have to be a saint, just as an abuser has moments of kindness.

I remember reading an article that got reactions from middle school students that were really disturbing. The one that comes to mind was the little boy who said something like “Even the girls are saying she probably did something to deserve it”. Because, you see, a teenage boy is obviously pro-women beating, but if a teenage girl thinks she deserved it that’s really something to take note of. That seemed to be his thinking, anyway.

All women are precious, delicate flowers who warrant no abuse.

Not to be snarky, but I think the OP went to great pains to point this out, and to accept this fact, in the hope his question wouldnt get derailed into a “Its never the womans fault” screed.

So, did she provoke him or not? Anybody?


Can you RE-READ my original post PLEASE!
I never said he had the had the right to defend himself or hit back. I never said she wasn’t a victim of domestic abuse. I never said if she wasn’t a saint she wasn’t a victim. SHEESH.
I think the conclusion was that Chris Brown was a domestic abuser period and no one has the right to do that to anyone under any circumstances.
With that said (follow me now) is it possible that Rhianna was also an abuser?
I know it’s a hard concept to swallow but females can also be abusers in domestic violence cases.

I thought it was pretty clear that Cat Fight did read your OP, and cited the police report which gives no indication that Rhianna is also an abuser.

How about just saying that no women deserve to abused.

Hell, no people deserve to be abused.

My experience working in women’s prisons has put that particular idea to the ultimate test.

My conclusion: They ain’t all precious, or delicate, or flowers. And while they don’t warrant abuse, I can understand what drove the people who abused at least some of them.

I tend to side with Chris Rock on this score. There’s a reason to throw an old man down a flight of stairs. Just don’t do it. Some people deserve to be beaten and gender wouldn’t enter into it. Self defense is one such example. And baby murderers – mostly women – deserve whatever psychological abuse they get on a daily basis from conscience or prison or whatever.

I also think beatings are a good early-life lesson in appropriate behavior. If a guy walks around like a flaming asshole all day long and someone gets sick of it and throws him a beating, that’s what I call a teaching moment.

That’s what Cat Fight does. She has an agenda that she pushes in nearly every thread, OP content be damned. Moving on.

Seeing as the police report says nothing about domestic violence on her part, it seems that, on the face of it, she was simply a victim. However I could see something like a shoving match between them escalating to her scratching his face and him retaliating with a punch to the face. Then again we could guess all day about what really happened.

The moral of the story is to stay clear of volatile relationships. Even if it involves amazing make up sex. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think anyone but Chris Brown could answer this question and I don’t believe that will be happening any time soon.

I hesitate to get into this discussion lest you think I condone violence against women. I *am *a woman and I don’t *condone *violence against anyone. HOWEVER I do wish we could get over the notion that all women are innocent victims that play no part in the drama of their own lives. Was this the first instance of violence between them? Maybe they have a history of heated arguments that degenerate into physical confrontations. Again, I’m not saying she deserves to get beaten but we don’t know what words / actions led up it. Also, if this wasn’t the first instance of violence, why the hell was she still with him? This isn’t some poor waif that had no resources with which to escape a terrible situation. I don’t mean to trivialize the very real tragedy that is domestic violence but I think this situation may not be as cut and dried as everyone seems to think.

Not to get all hijacky but what do you all think about Mrs. Woods going after Tiger with a five iron?

Robert Heinlein referred to this as (paraphrased) ‘the umcomfortable moment when strangers shoot back’.

Comedy gold.

I got the impression that this is what happened:

  • Rihanna was going through Chris’s phone and came across some txt msgs from other women.

  • Rihanna got angry and started yelling and hitting Chris

  • Chris struck Rihanna back

That doesn’t seem like it makes Chris an abuser. If someone is hitting him, he can defend himself. Yes, he shouldn’t have hit her at all, but I can’t put all the blame on him if she was hitting him first.

I agree up to a point. IF someone is hitting you- regardless of gender- and doing damage, you have every right to defend yourself in equal manner. It’s when you overapply force beyond what is warranted–that’s when you become an abuser.

Outside of physical abuse, what kind of things can you do to “provoke” someone into physically hurting you?

Yeah this.