Was Tiger so dominant because he was secretly porkin skanks?

Why else did he lose his unrivaled mental advantage over everyone else?

He felt invincible because he had his trophy wife and a harem of skanks to pork whenever he wanted.

Thank you for using euphemisms.

I doubt extramarital sex was the secret of his success. But the stress of having his marriage break up has probably affected his play so that would explain the timing.

Only if the emphasis was on “secretly.” He can pork pretty much anyone he wants now and I’m sure his success rate with barflies, skanks and waitresses would impress Hugh Hefner.

I suppose it’s possible that being married to a supermodel AND porking everything that came his way, secretly, could have been a mental goad that kept him sharp. But I think it’s a coincidence - that is, his marital and financial woes probably added to other factors and we would have seen a sharp decline in his play at about that time anyway.

At the level he was playing, he got two stress fractures in his leg and then won the US Open anyway. Even in his 30’s, how long do you expect somebody to be able to compete at that level?

In golf? Not more than another 20 years or so. I realize it’s more demanding than the casual observer might think, but it’s not football. It’s not even baseball. I think the incredibly fine-tuned muscle judgment and control that he’s gifted with matters far more than mere fitness and stamina, and I wouldn’t expect that to degrade until maybe the 40s.


women weaken legs

Surely it’s the other way around? His phenomenal success in his sport is what enables him to attract a great number of women.

I don’t think his skank porkin’ had much to do with his success, aside from maybe marginally influencing his confidence. He still had to make the shots, no skank of pork did that for him.

I remember hearing some allegations of PEDs about the time the skank scandal broke. He did some rehab, too.

Perhaps he’s now clean and his performance has suffered for it.

Wasn’t Porkin Skanks one of the Tie Fighter pilots that took out the Death Star in the first movie?

He was a younger, healthier golfer than he is now. That’s the biggest reason.

He felt invincible until the scandal broke out, and his confidence has waned.

Is this a whoosh? Tie fighters are empire, they flew CAP against Skywalker and his squadron mates. To keep this from a complete derail, don’t you all think Tiger would make a great starfighter pilot? Would the prequels have been better if Anakin had been porkin skanks every so often?

Once his secret identity was exposed he lost all his super-powers.
I think his wife got his utility belt in the divorce settlement too.

Nah. Too multiracial for George Lucas.

What rock has the OP been living under? Everyone knows that porkin’ skanks, in secret or otherwise, saps your strength, drains your natural bodily fluids, and reduces your purity of essence.

FUCK! I meant X-Wing.

Almost any change would have improved them, so yeah, probably.

I think the OP is correct. As soon as he wasn’t putting it in the hole so easily and frequently his scores became less dominant.

If ever a golf clap were deserved…take it away sir, that one is stone dead.:slight_smile: