Was your internet down yesterday?

Just curious, I couldn’t get an internet connection with my time warner roadrunner (in new york state) all day yesterday. I also heard there was some problem with google?..
My in-house tech went in the basement, unplugged the box with lights time warner set up down there, plugged it back in, and problem solved. :confused:

I had no issues yesterday.

Western Pennsylvania- I was fine.

Time Warner, Nebraska, no problems.

Cable modems and routers do often (a few times a year) need to be reset.

I have to reset my modem sometimes. I did notice though that there is a barcode at the top of the Google screen today. What’s up with that? Do we have to pay to use Google now?

Anniversary of the barcode. (hover over the barcode and it will tell you)

Verizon in the NYC area had an outage yesterday, for what it’s worth-- knocked out my PPP but left the DSL running.

Are you worried that the whole internet was down until your basement internet box was unplugged and plugged back in?

My internet was acting a little strange on 10/5. but I was able to connect to most websites. I use Comcast.