Wasn't There A "Black Cauldron" Column or Thread?

My apologies, but I could have sworn I read one here in the last week or two. Searching for “disney”, “black”, “cauldron”, and “caldron” in both the column and message archives for the last 30 days didn’t bring up the particular one I thought I read, and there aren’t any other internet boards I frequent…

The subject should read “Wasn’t There A ‘Black Cauldron’ Column or Thread?” The rest was cut off (was it my use of quotes within the subject?).

This thread mentions “The Black Cauldron” (the very last post) if that’s of any use, but the whole thread isn’t about it, just about terrible Disney sequels in general.

Using “double quotes” in a title and then previewing will cause it to get truncated-- I fixed it.

As for your question, did you want to add something to the thread in question, or were you just wondering what happened to it?

Why am I strangely remembering that too. hmmmm. Now I want to know what was being talked about. damn it.

Could it have been this one?

Chronos: thanks for the clarification on title stuff. Actually, I was hoping to do a little of both; I was reading that thread (whatever website it was on :slight_smile: ) and wanted to refer it to a friend. (I also wanted to post to it.) Now I’m left wondering if it did indeed exist, or if I totally imagined reading it on SD message boards…

Celyn and Guanoland: thanks, I saw those during my search and they’re not the ones I =think= I read. IIRC, it was a detailed summary and analysis of the film, with the actual subject something along the lines of “Why did Disney try to sweep TBC under the rug?”

Oldscratch: glad to know that I’m not crazy. Er, not crazier, at any rate. :slight_smile: