Waste even more of your time!

This might be the biggest waste of time ever, but I thought who better to waste the time of than the Dopeheads in MPSIMS. Basically, you should guess any detail of my life, then I will reply when someone gets something right. Profession, age, sex, marital status, hair color, eye color, anything you can think of. Good luck, I guess? Could be fun, but guaranteed to waste your time!

Are you from Ohio?

Do you work at a school?

Teacher, male, single, ohio, brown hair, brown eyes, hmm, 25 years old, live in a duplex.

You have a son? He is in school?

Married perhaps?

You teach math?

Your favorite instrument is the bass guitar?

Female, blue eyes, blonde hair, 32, unmarried, you live in brick house with a basement, you have a dog, you’re a nonsmoker, moderate drinker, you do not wear glasses or contact lenses, you own a car, you own a denim jacket, you are not a vegetarian.

You are not able to bend your pinky finger without also bending your ring finger on the same hand.

male, 24, red hair/ brown eyes, Physician, 3 kids, divorced.
You play the English Horn semi-professionally.

You are able to bend your pinkie finger without also bending the ring finger on the same hand.

I see that some of you have either done your homework on my posts, or you are stalking me.

I am

  1. Male

  2. Teacher

  3. From Ohio

  4. Have brown hair

  5. not a vegetarian

  6. don’t wear glasses or contacts

  7. Married

  8. Have a son who is in school

  9. play the bass guitar

  10. I can’t bend my pinky finger without bending my ring finger.

You got all the easy stuff, move on to the tough ones: Favorite Band/Type of Music, favorite food, so on and so forth.