Exercise: Describe Yourself in 20 Words or Less

Ground rules to make this a bit more challenging:

You are to describe yourself in 20 words or less in sentence form. No acronyms are allowed, but hyphenated words are allowable. Use of commas, semi-colons, dashes, etc. are allowed to render the sentence readable. You’re description should provide as much information as possible that would allow other people to make reasonable inferences regarding your physical appearance, personality, profession, etc. In other words, “Who am I?” in 20 words or less.

To make this even more interesting, go ahead and “psychoanalyze” or “deconstruct” me. I’d be curious to see your responses.

Former military officer; book, movie, and travel-loving dysthymic; brown-haired, brown-eyed, divorced, male Ohio community college geography instructor from West Virginia.

You forgot “narcissistic”

::duck and run::

I’ll play:

Former military brown-haired green-eyed librophile, musicophile married runner with boundless energy and many non-traditional skills.

Shy, quiet, introverted, uncommunicative 40 year old male computer geek karateka with a bad back, diabetes, and low self-esteem.

18 year old student and dreamer, dodgy, angsty, melodramtic, sometimes funny and most of all silly pothead from Austria.

19 words. yey!


rearrange my word order and it kind of sounds like an English sentence…

Marginal Canadian low-impact kneedipper fag geek free-love semi-Goth politico activist Esperantist Scottish-Korean misfit conlanger metrospotter polyglot Montrealais translater and webspinner.

Just some guy with an eye for pie, doesn’t like the air to dry; who’s twenty words have now passed by…


34, tall, divorced, compassionate, funny, intelligent, casual, engineer who can speak, dark haired, motorcycle riding, cute, Marine, beer drinking man. 20!

Shy 25-year-old student who enjoys writing, drawing and dreaming. Generally quiet, but prone to moments of silliness.

19 words! Whoo-HOO! :slight_smile:

24, short, blonde shy female who reads and writes anything, works as a temp, loves sci-fi and loves to flirt.

20, on the dot!

Articulate 40-year-old low maintenance kind compassionate depressed male.

I am a gay cross between Harold (Harold and Maude) and Wednesday Adams.

13 words and not even on purpose.


Big mother of two and wife of one; loud-mouthed writer of romance with a splash of irony thrown in.

42 year old, male computer geek, brown hair and eyes, enjoys
Guinness, Jamaican blue mountain, EverQuest, Godiva, rocketry and fornication.

that’s 20, and not in any particular order.

31, average height/weight, sarcastic, cynical, funny. Into cats, reading, music. Hate cold weather.

HA! 14 words!

I didn’t read the rules before thinking up my 20 words, so they aren’t exactly a sentence… take it or leave it. :smiley:

Tall, lusty (single), long-legged, busty brunette. Playful, outdoorsy, creative morning person. Foody! Hiker, writer, editor, friend, sister, daughter. Smart, vain.

39 year old, brown-haired and apple-cheeked, muscular, flirtacious bibliophile. Lifts weights, plays Scrabble,
speaks Korean, drinks Guinness, and loves men.

30 YO, divorced cajun weightlifter who can cook and loves his cat.

27-year-old Swedish chick, dark hair, blue eyes; laid-back, energetic, introverted, outgoing, narcissistic, self-conscious, compassionate, selfish, intelligent, goofy, funny, and boring.