Watch It, Baltimore!

Here come the Bushes! Yes, Jenna and her toy are going to live a modest life on Federal Hill in a 100+ old row home. Her toy is going to work a modest, 9-5 job slaving away for Consteallation (sic) Energy. He’ll put “Bush” into BGE! Just wondering how much more our rates will be going up so BGE can afford him as some lame-ass business advisor, I WAG.

And once their dream home on crime row is broken into for the 2nd time, maybe they’ll both wake up and go home crying to their weenie daddies. :mad:

Ok, that said…I feel much better now! :cool:

About what exactly?


2/10? That’s incredibly generous.

Well, they’re sorta like sex offenders: They have to live somewhere.

You’re being very kind to the OP.


Wait, why aren’t they just buying one of the [del]million-dollar[/del]


$620,000 new constructions on Key Highway? I’m guessing they bought one of the gutted renovations within three or four blocks of my old place. Their house won’t get broken into, but their car will. Every car in B’more gets broken into twice a year, every year, or you can call the Police and complain that they’re working too hard.

Oh my god! The Bushes are living somewhere and getting a job! Oh the humanity!

Let’s get one thing clear. It isn’t the Bushes - it’s the Hagers. Jenna took her husband’s name when she got married, still a common practice even in these benighted times. And Henry Hager isn’t exactly an unknown quantity either - his dad was Virginia’s lieutenant governor, ran for governor, and now heads the state’s Republican Party. Henry worked in an awful lot of these campaigns.

I volunteered for John Hager’s campaign a few years back and was a Hager delegate at our state convention, along with my wife. During this time we met Henry, though I frankly can’t remember much about him - it was a brief meeting.

And frankly, I can’t understand the hate directed against Jenna - she teaches in the DC public school system and does work for UNICEF. That seems admirable on the face of it, and compares rather favorably with what other children of presidents do when they hit their twenties.

Those monstrosities are a crime against civic responsibility.

I hope someone eats their shit on those things.

Anyway, it’s highly likely I wind up banging Jenna at some point. That’s just how I roll with the ladies of B-more.

Speaking as a well known Bush-Basher (just ask any one of SDMB’s resident apologists), I say-- WTfuckingF?

Is the OP complaining about gas prices? Old homes? Crime? And what does any of that have to do with Bush or his newly married daughter? You know who should be pitted? Whoever made their lopsided wedding cake. Did they know that there would be pictures?

It’s no wonder Poe died.

Me too.

I know that schadenfreude is not an especially admirable emotion, but if there’s one aspect of the property market meltdown that leaves me with a little happy feeling, it’s seeing all these ugly, empty condos and knowing that the developers are losing money on them every day. The ones on Key Highway are especially fucking ugly, and have completely ruined that part of town, IMO.

They’re also having a terrible time selling the new ones on St. Paul St, near Hopkins. Part of that, i think, is related to the fact that they were asking over $400,000 for a soulless new condo right on a main road, while cute little row houses on quiet streets in Oakenshawe are still selling for $299,000. There’s still a bit empty lot at St. Paul and 33rd, where a new complex was supposed to go up ages ago, but the diving property market seems to have killed the project, temporarily at least.

As for Jenna Bush? Whatever. I don’t blame her for her father’s incompetence and stupidity.

To continue that hijack. . .those ones on St Paul are a travesty, and they wrecked a row of very charming house to build there. And, not just build, but install coldstone creameries, starbucks, and Borders so that Baltimore can endeavor to look more like Towson, and attract students who want to go to college in a place that looks just like home.

The most humorous development is the one at like Calvert & 20th (or so). “Starting in the high 300’s”. Across the street, kitty-corner, and one block and one block south are all blocks with at least one boarded up house. Not to mention being at ground zero for tran-hooker pickup.

But the ones that Jurph mentioned basically ruined it for rows of houses whose back decks used to look out over the harbor. Ruined it for a real Baltimore community that doesn’t have as much pull as a developer who now has hundred of empty eyesores that will be broke-down in 10 years.

Not to mention the views they’re destroying from the ballpark with that other stuff.

It looks like the guy who was going to develop the Rotunda probably lucked out by waiting so long. That construction was supposed to start last fall.

Just makes you sick to see how easy it was to permanently extract the charm from the city with dollars created from something so temporary.

Who cares?

The three rows of five-story ones on the inland side of Key Highway (by Digital Harbor High) were going for $985,000 when they went up, and they had this great plan where the buyers would line up, and each buyer got to choose which accessories and trim and such would go in the place.

They forgot to tell the buyers to line up, though, and by the time the first phase went up, they still hadn’t sold a single unit. They ended up randomizing the decor and trim, so now they all look randomized and fugly. I haven’t checked on the prices in a while but they’ve dropped at least 30%, and they’re still hideously overpriced compared to the $400k renovated row houses nearby.

They also block the harbor view of an entire neighborhood. This is a neighborhood where every house has a roof deck, all the houses are basically the same height, everyone can see the harbor, and rooftop BBQs and parties are the norm… and these craptastic things popped up like mushrooms out of shit, got a zoning variance for an extra story-and-a-half (probably via a developer fellating someone on the City Council), and now every homeowner within a quarter-mile has spent a few thousand bucks on a roof deck for a view of… nothing.

Oh well, if they’re abandoned long enough, maybe there will be an unfortunate electrical fire and the developers will try to collect the insurance money, get busted for insurance fraud and conspiracy, and spend a few years in prison while the real estate market recovers and spirals out of their reach.

Obviously not the OP, who it seems is ripping on Jenna because he doesn’t like her father.

Just to return to the practical side of the OP, do married children of ex-presidents get SS protection?

Because if they do, I’d bet that both their cars and their home would be fairly secure, even in Baltimore.

ETA: I guess not

The OP reminded me of this Fuck You, Baltimore!. NSFW language, but funny, especially if you remember local car commercials from a couple of decades ago.

Yeah, that’s really what I mean by a “crime against civic responsibility”.

Someone got paid by someone to approve this shit.

I don’t know what you’re legally entitled to when you buy a house, but it scares the hell out of me that someone can just come in and fuck your shit up if they have enough dough.