Watched a Skinhead Documentary, "Erasing Hate"

Erasing Hate - a story about a guy who is a former White Supremacist skinhead, and looks into a piece of his struggles to get past this part of his life. The White Supremacist stuff was interesting, looking at what made him become a White Supremacist and what made him get out of it, but what made this documentary really interesting was the step-by-step look at him getting his extensive facial tattoos removed - about a two year process. I had heard that tattoo removal was painful, but damn! In case you didn’t know already, don’t get tattoos on your face. If you do, make sure you like them and want to keep them on there forever. I’d advise taking a look at this documentary - it was eye-opening.

I’m the only one who’s watched this? It’s on Netflix - take a bit of time and watch it, man! See how awful it is to get tattoos removed from your face! You might regret it, I promise!

I saw it when it aired on MSNBC. By the time they were finished, he had to have this done under general anesthesia.

That was crazy - I didn’t even know you could have general anesthesia every week for like two years. I would think that would be so hard on your body.

I just watching this tonight. I heard about it when it was first produced but missed it and didn’t realize it was on Netflix. Wow that sure was intense. I had no idea tattoo removal was that painful (course it was his face and hands. And all those huge needle sticks! :eek:) But damn. I was amazed at the results! I’d never recognize him as the same person!

One thing that stood out for me was he thought getting the tattoos removed would make it easier to find employment. It might, but his criminal history of violent felonies would still be there. He beat a latino janitor half to death with no provocation in the bathroom at a restaurant (from what I remember). That is still going to work against him.

Good for him for reforming and wanting to be a good family man though.

Having tattoos seems to a requirement for jobs around here. :rolleyes:

How long is the Netflix video? The version shown on MSNBC was 50 minutes (1 hour, with commercials).

I hadn’t thought of that; yeah, I’m sure it will be easier to get a job without a big Skinhead tattoo right there on your face, but “easier” won’t be “easy.”

I’m not too squeamish on needles, but man! Those were a lot of needles, all over his face. I was getting a bit queasy by the end.

The netflix video is 91 minutes.

I saw the MSNBC version. It was very thought-provoking. I was more interested in the story of his wife, who met him at a white supremacist concert, and their life together. However, the tattoo removal was very powerful.