Wayne Newton

The rumor about Jamie Curtis being a hemaphrodite has been debunked, but why don’t I ever hear theories about Wayne Newton? What’s the deal with that guy?

Are you saying/asking if Wayne Newton is an hermaphrodite? On what basis?

I agree Wayne Newton scares the sh*t out of me. He’s always so tan and so fooffy…So perfectly manicured, and that wind tunnel tested hair has to go! Can you picture him bald? I sure can’t!

Are you asking because of Danke Schaene (or however it’s spelled)?

Since I was little, I never thought he sounded like or was shaped like a male. I have no “basis” for this. That’s why I’m asking.

Wayne Newtown actually died years ago, but he was such a popular Vegas act that they decided to create a look-alike cyborg. When he’s not singing, he’s in a dressing room plugged in for recharge. These are the same people who are responsible for Dick Clark, who is 244 years old by nearest guess.

Newton’s real first name is Carson.

His primary residence recently appraised at 15 million dollars.

That’s all I’ve got on him.

I can’t stand his music, but cut him a break.

He was a chubby boy soprano who aged badly, but then made a big hit as a lounge act. He does look scary in a wax museum mafia kind of way, but from what I’ve heard, he’s actually a very nice guy with a sense of humor about himself.

Wayne Newton recorded “Danke Schoen” when he was 21 and still sang soprano, and correspondingly got somewhat of a (please excuse the term) “sissy-boy” reputation for it. He was stereotyped like that for years, and to an extent it still lingers. One time Johnny Carson made one joke too many insinuating that Newton might be homosexual (back when being homosexual was acceptable for late night mockery) and Newton gave him a piece of his mind. By this time he wasn’t the same pudgy high-voiced 21-year old singing “Danke Schoen,” he was over six feet tall, powerfully built, and a black belt. He basically stormed into a wide-eyed Carson’s office and told him to knock it off or he’d kick his ass.

I’ve heard from supposedly neutral observers that although his repertoire is on the cheesy side, his voice and talent are undeniably amazing. Say what you will, the guy’s an icon.

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He has tons of relatives near where I grew up, and they are the very definition of “rednecks.” I don’t have an opinion of him one way or another, other than he does look remarkably life-like.

The guy has been through numerous personal crises: bad divorce, death threats on his life and to his family, the “gay” thing, and so on. He’s a survivor. I don’t particularly like his music, but I have to admire the guy for keeping a positive attitude after all he’s been through.

He still brings in the crowds at the Stardust here in Las Vegas, although family friends who went recently said his show is nowhere near as good as it used to be. Actually they said worse things about the show, but I will leave it at that.

Wayne has also taken it upon himself to assume the Bob Hope role in USO tours and was a big supporter of Dubya in the last election.

If you are ever in Las Vegas, go to the corner of Sunset and Pecos and you can see his huge ranch/estate (just a couple doors from where Mike Tyson lives/lived) - big 'ol statue of horses on the corner, and a ways down the street you can see his real horses grazing.

Oh. In that case, may I take back the “very nice guy” part of my post?