Ways you rationalize staying in bed...

…which are, once you’re properly awake, not at all rational.

  1. My room faces due east, my bed is right under the windows, and I live in eternally sunny Santa Fe. I’m used to lots of sun creeping in in the mornings. The other day, it was a rare overcast day. My alarm went off. I opened my eyes. “Huh, it’s still pretty dark out there,” I thought. “That must mean I can sleep for another hour.” Luckily, my brain kicked in and pointed out that class starts at 9:00, not a particular brightness level.

  2. This morning. “Oh, it’s so very cold in here*, and I’m nice and warm beneath my blankets. I’ll just turn my alarm off and lie here until my body heat warms the room up.”

Woke up again twenty minutes after my first class of the day started.

Anyone else?

My roommate’s still in bed.

Technically, I was the roommate, still in bed, either hitting snooze on my alarm clock or having turned off my alarm clock altogether. But, I didn’t have an early morning class on Thursday and my roommate did. And as you say, class starts at 9 am, not at a certain length of time AFTER you or your roommate gets up.

It’s bad luck to get out of bed unless the number of minutes is an even multiple of 5.

Which is a very convenient excuse 80% of the time.

If you’re not well rested you’re not going to pay attention anyway, might as well sleep in so when you actually get up you’ll be productive.

I don’t want to get up.

If I get up now it will disturb the kitty sleeping on my tummy and that would be rude.

I use that one too. Hey, Max’s claws are sharp! :smiley:

Also, 15 minutes more won’t hurt, I’ll just hurry through my shower. (Conveniently forgetting that my brain shuts off in the shower, so I’m incapable of hurrying through it.)

I have a tendency to dream things that will help me out. For example, yesterday I dreamed that I had a stack of waffles in the fridge. I thought to myself, “Great! Since I can just pop the waffles in the toaster and go (instead of my usual cereal+milk routine), that means I can sleep an extra ten minutes!”

I also dream that I’m showering and brushing my teeth, even while being aware that I’m actually still sleeping: multi-tasking at its finest.

I only get up at times that are a multiple of 5 minutes (like someone already mentioned).

This isn’t really an excuse, but if I need to be out the door by noon and it takes me an hour to get ready, I set my alarms to 10, 10:30, 10:45 and 11 a.m. because I know it usually takes me an hour to wake up.

To cut down my prep time, sometimes I plan with my eyes closed in bed what clothes to grab and resolve not to eat food before I go. This is silly because this takes up additional brainpower and so I’m not really getting any extra rest.


Warm companion in bed next to me.

Cold room/floor on other side of covers.

No contest.

But that one’s still rational to me even now!

My excuse? I really only need exactly 12 minutes to get to my first class, things like picking out clothing instead of throwing on the first outfit I grab are unnecessary. This is often also my excuse to get back under the covers for 10 minutes even when i do get up and get dressed because damn it I don’t have to leave yet and will enjoy this morning time to the best of my abilities.

There’s also the “this is just lab time I can make it up later today after my other classes” excuse too.

It would be rude to disturb the cats. And the window is open, so it’s too cold to get up.

Of course, the cats spend about 80% of every day in bed, and I can perfectly well close the window without getting up.

Pregnancy has been a wonderful reason for staying in bed 10+ hours a day. “I must need the sleep. I’m pregnant, and that means I’m working even when I’m asleep. If I get up I’ll just puke. And I’m never ever going to get to sleep in again.”

I’m too clumsy before the coffee to make the coffee. If the Ms. gets up to make the coffee first I will then be competent enough to do such simple things like coffee production. Mebbe I’ll just lay here awhile.

This fact never stopped me in the beginning from going out of my way for my cat’s comfort. I can remember in the past actually waking myself up in the middle of the night so I could carefully adjust my no longer comfortable position without jostling the kitty too much. Then I realized the persistent thing doesn’t care, but it was kind of ingrained for a while.

While fighting off the beginning of each day I somehow manage to convince myself that if I can just sleep for two more minutes that I’ll be ready to get up. Like that’s going to make a difference.
The process is:
6:15 alarm goes off. Hit snooze. 6:15 is much too early to bother getting up.
6:24 alarm goes off. Hit snooze. Figure that at 6:25 I’ll get up.
6:26 check clock. Missed 6:25. Might as well round it up to 6:30 now.
6:33 alarm goes off. Hit snooze. Dream that I’ve gotten up and am in shower.
6:42 alarm goes off. Turn off alarm. Promise self to get up at 6:45.
7:07 check clock. Lumber out of bed, late as usual. (thank goodness for flex time)

I hate mornings. I always have. I always will.

I don’t start work until noon.

“I’m working from home today.”

I don’t have to be anywhere in particular today, and if I sleep late enough I can skip breakfast and just have lunch a little early, which means one less meal I’m eating today, which is good for my diet.

One of the joys of being retired…

Flannel sheets, electric blanket, down quilt.
Open window, all the heat vents upstairs are closed.
The bathroom has a tile floor (make that a cold tile floor)

Do I need any other reasons?

“It’s too cold to get up. And I don’t really need to go to school today…”