We Are Here to Enlighten germane!



that may be my all-time favorite scam quote, though. . .

Backwards it says “Paul is the devil”.

I thought the software automatically turned all-caps to mixed-case.

Utensils me? Well, fork you too, pal.

Same here. What’s up with this guy?

Why do you think he was banned?

I already banned the guy. I cleared the post because I like this kind of gibberish spam. I read this one and found myself if Marlon and Tito and Randy are annoyed the OP isn’t going to enlighten them.


Fork you too, buddy.

Why the hostility. I think he just wants to spoon you.

This sounds like a Cole Porter lyric.

Yeah, my reporting was a simulpost.

I’m starting to wonder if it wasn’t run through Babel Fish or some other translator:

UTENSILS YOU ~ “fork” you

PEOPLE IN UNIFIED STATES ~ People in United States

WHAT THE GEHENNA ~ what the hell

DROP SOMEONE A TINKLE ~ give someone a ring

SUITED TO BE TIED ~ fit to be tied

Good point. I think it’s a request to enter into a purchase agreement to buy Nortel’s PBX business away from Avaya.

I’m not sure how they did it. But if I quote it, remove the quote tags and then preview it as if I was the one posting it, the spam turns to all lowercase like I’d expect.

It’s just so full of whimsy. . . When Jabberwocky’s spam.

The software turns all-caps to all lowercase. I’m guessing it didn’t happen here because this guy’s post originally included a link (with lower case text) to whatever site he was spamming for. I removed the link before I approved the post.

Hey, I think this guy has been emailing me!

This brings back memories of that other guy’s post and the silver-tongued connectors or whatever. We got hours of fun out of him … or at least several minutes. Why can’t all spammers be fun like this?