We are working or not?

I just tried to create a thread in this forum, but something happened. Maybe it’s my fault, but what’s going on? We appeared to be down for the last 5 hours.

This thread took about an hour from “post quick reply” to actually being viewable (which is why I tried creating another thread). Can any admin or mod explain the extended outage this AM?

Well I can visit the site now.

I’ve alerted TPTB. Beyond that, we seem to be up and running now.

The silence from TPTB is deafening.

Still no word on what happened for 5 hours Saturday night?

No word yet. When we hear something we’ll let you know.

There was a database connection problem, which was resolved by the hosting company.

Is the subject hed a perfect opportunity, almost a necessity in Ye Olde Days, for the present subjunctive?:

Be We Working?

(I have a thing for the subjunctive, in numerous languages. Even Ebonics present tense indicative turns me on.)

Isn’t “We are working?” a little Yoda-ish? “Are we working” doesn’t have the same, gently-tortured grammar feel.

Or Jewish mother style: “The other one, you didn’t like?”