We can't state opinions as fact?

Heheh. Yeah. My mistake. Cafe Society should assume that one is giving opinions.

Since I also saw the thread report and would have given a basically equivalent moderating instruction, I’ll say this much: rather than interpreting this as a blanket rule, consider that twickster was attempting to stop the thread from going off topic. That’s all. I think most of us have seen this scenario play out before. People have been calling it “the Dio show” for a while, and although that’s sometimes unfair to Diogenes the Cynic, it did look like the thread was about to turn into the next in a long line of threads that went way off-topic after Diogenes the Cynic got involved, as people debated one blanket assertion or another that he made. Beyond that I should probably let twickster handle this in case she saw things differently.

This isn’t helpful. I know “complaints” is in the forum description, but the OP has a question and starting a pile-on is not going to get it answered.

Opinions and facts are not the same thing.

If you wish to post an opinion, you are most welcome to do so. Do not, however, present your opinion as an absolute fact, because:

Opinions and facts are not the same thing.

And, yes, I was hoping to avoid a whole train wreck wherein everyone was trying to convince Dio that he was wrong – it’s his opinion, he’s allowed to have that opinion, but it’s not a fact.

Not sure what else you need me to say about this.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

Yeah, you probably should have just let Marley do the speaking on this one, because he managed to do it without sounding silly.

These are four of the first five posts after the OP, all without citations or links to support them. Can you point out how “she is constantly striving to stay current”, “with every album there was a new image”, “Cyndi Lauper is a much better technical singer than Madonna”, “Cyndi has much more raw talent than Madonna” and “Madonna’s singing is heavily doctored in the studio and live recordings of her are barely listenable.” are not opinions presented as absolute facts?

Do you really see no difference at all between those four posts and this one?

Garfield226 – none of the posts you cite are provable as fact – they are obviously subjective opinions. An ‘IMO’ might be appreciated, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

ETA: there is a difference between those 4 posts and Dio’s, but it subtle. Dio is being trollish IMO, which, though obvious to me, is hard to prove.

So that’s a no, you can’t or won’t explain?

The four posts you cite are on topic – Cyndi Lauper vs. Madonna.

Dio made a blanket statement about all performers, everywhere. That is way beyond the scope of the thread.

If you do not see a qualitative difference between those two sets of statements, no explanation I can offer will help you see a difference there.

So the problem is an off-topic post now, not an opinion stated as fact?

So, you meant to warn him for making a blanket statement about things outside the scope of the thread.

Let’s do this: Pretend everything after Marley’s post isn’t here and just lock this baby up.

Honestly, no.

No warning was issued. No warning will be issued. I was making an effort to keep the discussion on track.

That’s all I have to say about the matter.

You don’t seem to understand that we need to understand what the rules are. You are (looking at the topic of the thread) IMHO really bad at explaining why you make the mod notes and warnings that you do (or don’t, as the case may be), to the point of actually making long-time members confused about what the rules are.

Clarifying your intent – after the fact – is I suppose more helpful than not doing that. So once again, thanks for trying, I guess.

No worries. I don’t think you’ll ever break the PWD (Posting While Dio) rule that she seems to go by.

Quite understandable. I can see how these threads can go off track. I’m sure it is difficult as a mod to make a call on these things.

I have to confess: I don’t understand. Are all threads going to be subject to this policy, or is it only certain forums?

Generalizations about the topic under discussion are now discouraged–that’s how I’m reading it. Fair interpretation?

It seems fair enough to me. There are many posters that seem to require mods to don silly hats and type the word “tweet” and get all official up in your grill to make it clear just what’s happening. twickster just requires all opinions to be marked as such. Maybe opinions typed in orange font would be good?

Remember the Handy rule? He couldn’t give medical advice. Or the reeder rule? He couldn’t start threads about Bush more than once an hour. (Something like that.)

I propose the Dio rule! He must end all “factual statements” with a question mark.

There is no difference whatsoever. Your mod note was inane and capricious. This is obviously personal for you, and it’s not the first time you’ve singled me out for an asinine note about a non-violation. I can only think it’s personal, because the post you singled out was about as innocuous as it gets. If you’re going to make up this new rule, I want to see you enforce it universally. Go through and give a note to everybody who says “Madonna is talented,” or “Lady Ga Ga sucks” without adding an IMO.