"We Don't Talk About Bruno" from Encanto: Favorite covers and parodies

Here’s the original song:

“We Don’t Talk About Pluto”, about the (until recently) ninth planet:

“We Don’t Talk About Rona”, about the Coronavirus:

Here’s an a capella version:

And here’s one called “Don’t Talk Bad About Bruno”, from the perspective of a Bruno apologist:

What are some of your favorites?

Since we’re currently focused on Bruno, the “Honest Trailers” take on Encanto has some entertaining song parodies toward the end of it.

Here’s a new one. The original Dolores is featured in it.

The Top 10 of this year’s American Idol did “Bruno” as part of Disney Night (with the original Dolores and Camilo), and FUCK was it much better than that execrable performance at the Oscars.

Here’s when happens to it when it gets translated into a bunch of languages and then back to English using Google Translate: