We found ghosts! Share your stories here.

Last night myself and 6 friends decided to visit a supposedly haunted cemetary nicknamed “Child’s Play Cemetary”. If you park at the cemetary, then the ghosts will leave fingerprints on your vehicle, or so the story goes. So after a 45-minute drive, we pull into this extremely creepy-looking cemetary. There couldn’t have been more than 100 gravestones there, and most of them were very old.
So after much horseplay involving fake blood (AKA ketchup) and screaming and running around trying to scare each other we decided to get down to business. We all crammed back into the jeep and waited. After about 15 minutes, we began to hear sounds. These weren’t just the usual sounds a vehicle makes when it’s settling down. It had been long enough that we knew these sounds were not coming from within the vehicle. The first things we heard were slight thumpings on the side of the car, mostly coming from the driver’s side door and side panel. No one in the jeep was moving or making a sound. We were all dead silent. If it had been somebody thumping with their feet or hands, we would have heard their clothes rustling.
We waited a few more minutes then drove around to the other side of the cemetary. We parked there and waited. This is where it got stranger. We heard tappings, very faint at first, on the hood of the jeep. We made everyone in the jeep hold their hands up so we could be sure it wasn’t someone trying to scare the rest of us. The tappings got louder, and started tapping a rhythm. Tappa-tappa-tappa-tappa-tap-tap-tap. Tappa-tappa-tappa-tappa-tap-tap-tap. We turned on the headlights while the tappings were going on but the sounds instantly stopped, and we couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then we got the heck out of there.
We got back into town and parked under a light. The vehicle was clean before we got there. Since we had driven about 10 miles on gravel, it got pretty dusty during the trip. The marks on the vehicle were not there before we heard the tappings. No one touched the vehicle. There were marks on the hood of the jeep and by the driver’s door. It looked like soneone had been touching the jeep and making marks in the dust. I can’t explain it. I’m not saying that the cemetary was haunted, or that there were ghosts there that made marks on the car. But seven people were there, and seven people heard the sounds and saw the marks. We will definitely be going back to do some further investigation!

So that’s my ghost story. I would like to hear some from others, if you’ve got any good ones!

Try parking your car anywhere and throwing dust on it. You’ll find there are ghosts there too!

Oily spots (even from where people have touched it) often will not pick up dust (or flour, which is often used to ‘prove’ ghosts are somewhere).


raz, you should have known better than to post that around here hon.
If you want to talk about your experience there is a great site and message board at ghost study.com.
But isn’t it way cool when you get that rush?

I know if I were one of people in the car, I’d do some secret tapping to freak out the other passengers…

Yeah, all those annoying facts get in the way.

That link just barely mentions ghostly handprints, but doesn’t dispute them. It does however, disputing stories of cars being physicaly moved by ghosts, (which has absolutely nothing to do with the OP).

Yep, that’s the way to fight ignorance. :stuck_out_tongue:

The picture doesn’t look like fingerprints, but if I didn’t have fingers anymore, I guess my fingerprints would look strange too. :slight_smile:

Priceguy, what annoying facts?
As far as I can see this thread hasn’t been moved to GD.
This is a place for people to share their stories and oppinions. The OP went out and had an event that gave him a good scare and so they shared with us.
I told the OP they should have known better because people around here do not have an open minds about such things and jump on the band wagon calling for sites and facts and making fun of the OP.
I dont recall anything in the description of this forum saying anything you said here had to have facts or sites to back it up.
This is the fun forum for those of us who like to believe and be silly about stupid things from time to time. Also for those of us who don’t care to spend our free time arguing points with people around the world who may never see our side of the argument. A never ending headache, why bother?
RevTim was cool in here, as well as our HillbillyQueen. Why do you have to come in here and be jerky?
I was thrashed about this topic once by DavidB, and I was just trying (I thought nicely) to save the OP a headache.

I never said that I thought there were really ghosts there. I just thought I’d share my story because I thought it was interesting and was wondering if any others had been on similar “ghost hunts”. I don’t care if it was probably just someone in the vehicle messing around, it was still fun.

That ghosts don’t exist?

Which no-one did, according to you, so why pop in with your amazingly open mind and say he shouldn’t have posted it here in the first place, when the thread was going so well?

Nope, nor did I ask for any.

Don’t, then.

I wasn’t.