We have Warped our daughter

This falls into the category of “Look how cute our kid is.” Sort of.
MilliCal was eating Chinese food with her connected-at-the-top chopsticks.

“Hey, Daddy,” she said," Look! I’m Cthulhu!"

She had a mouthful of lo mein noodles hanging out of her mouth.

(I’ve got a t-shirt with Cthulhu on it, which I’ve had to explain to her. She also has a cute, cuddly stuffed Cthulhu.)


Of course, she’s gonna say this at school one day, and you’re going to have a long talk with the teacher and principal…

If you get her wet and clamp her overnight to a non-warped kid she may straighten out.

I had a similar moment when our (then) 2-year-old named her stuffed bunny rabbit “Bilbo.” Also recently when we walked past a display of plastic witch’s cauldrons and she said, very seriously, “Hey, I could use one of those.”

(I am also very impressed that your daughter can even say “Cthulhu,” with or without a mouthful of noodles.)

Not my kid, but my bosses’ who I babysat for last weekend. We’d been watching Veggie Tales with a monster-under-the-bed theme.

Kid: “Avabeth, I’m scared of you.”
Me (surprised): “Why?”
Kid: “Because if you were a monster, what would you say to me?”

She’s very cute:).

Y’know, I read the original post and busted out laughing. I thought, this is hilarious; who can I send this link to? Who would understand and appreciate this?

… and there was no-one.

…sob…I’m so lonely here… :frowning:

My son and I are really into rating what’s the scariest creature right now. Currently we have Zombies at the top of the list because, duh, they eat your brain for heaven’s sake. He’s 4 3/4.

My godson was born last February. In June, we are out visiting them, when my SO found a big stuffed Cthulu. So baby godson has a new toy (It’s almost as big as he was at the time.)

I’m just glad that his grandparents didnt walk in at at the point where he was chewing on Cthulu’s eye balls, or wearing him like a hat. (Mom and Dad were, of course, rolling on the floor laughing.)

I perform in a Gilbert & Sullivan Company. My daughter (who will be five next month) has always accompanied me to rehearsals. This year, though, she actually got to sit in the audience and see the show we were performing (Iolanthe). She was enthralled. Since I have a series of G&S videos I went ahead and showed her the tape of Iolanthe. From that one she’s moved on to HMS Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance, The Mikado, and she’s now getting started on Princess Ida. Not that I have anything to do with this, mind you. She fetches the videos out of my room and watches them herself.

Now when she’s playing with her friends, I hear her say things like “No, you be Iolanthe, and I’ll be the Fairy Queen.” The other kids are going “Eye-o what?”

It may not rank up there with the Cthulu al dente, but to each his weirdness.

I do hope you showed her the most-excellent Pirates of Penzance that features Kevin Kline’s chest.

And gods help whatever children I have. I can only imagine how weird they’ll turn out.

“No, no, I’ll be Raistlin and YOU be Caramon!”

“I’m Cthulhu!” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I seem to recall adding “Cthulhu” to a game of rock-paper-scissors once, so this is a kid after my own heart. :smiley:

I know what you meant by this, but it’s possible to read this in an extremely wrong way. :wink:

That is funny :smiley: Where are you all getting these stuffed Cthulhus from? It’d be an effective counterpoint to Barbie.

Hey, Kizarvexius, my 3-yo daughter is into The pirates of Penzance too. She keeps asking me to sing the Pirate King song, and then wants the one about the cats (With cat-like tread…). We are enjoying the Kevin Kline video.

Other favorites are The music man and Camelot (though we don’t have that one on video). Oh, and Joseph. She has yet to see a Disney cartoon, but loves musicals. Maybe we should have a club.

Hmmmm… Barbie, meet Cthulu. Cthulu, eat Barbie.

I love it already.

We all know a fight will break out over who gets to be tasslehoff. That and you will have to take the winner and shake him by his ankles to get all your stuff back.

has a bunch of Cthulhu and Lovecraft related toys. And I must say, good job raising your daughter ** CalMeaCham **. I wish more parents were like you. More future worshipers for me! :smiley: :smiley:

I have no idea you could get a stuffed Cthulhu.

Thank goodness for the link - I’m glad ithe toy does not look like the female part the original is modeled after.

Uh-oh. Y’all are goin out of control here. Cthulhu is one thing, but Dragonlance? Holy Hell!

I suppose I can’t really talk, though, since my daughter is being brought up on Star Wars, D&D and All Your Base.

Still, since it was mentioned, have you DL fans seen the new message board they’ve had up for a couple months now? Good stuff.


I just got my own joke!

I gave a friend’s one-year-old a stuffed Cthulhu doll, complete with Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirt. She takes it to daycare with her, and Lisa says she gets the strangest looks from the other Moms. Heehee. I’m glad to see that I am not alone in warping innocent little children. :wink: