We need entertainment before the long Michigan winter drives us insane...A2 Dopefest!

Must…have…social…interaction… NO! Not snow! NOT MORE SNOW! Need fun!

Come on, I know you want to. This Friday, or is that too short of notice? I’m thinking a nice Ethiopian feast at the Blue Nile in Ann Arbor, then maybe some drinks, some nice conversations and horrible behavior. You know, the norm.

Anyone interested?

So this is all you do to get a DopeFest started?? Why did I think it was more complicated??

Er, yeah. In my humble opinion, we should have a Dopefest. See, I meant to put it here!

Okay, I make mistakes too. Mods? Can I get this moved to MPSIMS?

Well, you need to get your Dopefest License, first. That’s the complicated part. There’s a written, there’s an interview, you have to be able to spell manhattan correctly, and he has to approve of your cleavage, as well. It’s a strenuous process.

Luckily I’m qualified.

And up for it!

If I can steal a car or beg a ride I’d probably be able tomake it

Woohoo! And even if it’s just Hello Again and me, we’d have a good time. It would be a Lord of the Rings Geekfest, but we’d have fun.

Too bad, Kyla. It ain’t gonna be just you and HelloAgain, because I’m crashing your little party!

Whenever two or more of you
are gathered in Cecil’s name…
there is looooooooooooooooooooooooooove,
there is loooooooooooooooooooove.

A party’s not a party till Cranky shows up! :slight_smile:

Makes it tricky for the guys. :slight_smile:

Hey Kyla, if ya ask UncleBeer, not only might he move the thread for ya, who know, he might even show up.

That’s why only chicks have Dopefests.

As you wish.

I’d love to go. pout But due to the fact that I shall be in school, the fair Lady can’t take me as well.

I think I could arrange to be present too. Let me know what time.

Sane don’t you get out of school at like 2? This sounds like a dinner thing which means with a 45 min drive, plenty of time.


If the weather’s decent, I guess I might make it. Maybe.

Thank you!

[sub]Bump a thread? Me? Never![/sub]

If Blue Nile is involved, this guy might just crash it :slight_smile:

I don’t think I can make this one. With the one I’m already planning to attend in Toledo and the studying I should be doing, the weekend’s pretty well shot. Next time perhaps.