We need more smilies.

Why so few smilies available? Could we get some more smilies added? I would like to see an animated smilie with twitchy eyes and one smacking a club.

Oh Og no! Animated smilies are of the devil.

Here’s the link to the last time this came up, it should have all the relevant info that **Chasing Dreams ** is looking for.

Ok, I read through that thread. The two main points there were that we needed to wait until the server upgrade and that some people don’t like smilies. Well, the server has been upgraded for a few months now and people who don’t like smilies don’t have to use them.

Seriously, a smilie that is smacking a bat would get a lot of use in GD and the Pit.

Since we’re a bit more mature than some other boards, we use words to express our emotions. You’ll get used to it.
Animated smilies are just annoying.

Well it would sure get a lot of use in the latter forum, seeing how many members would end up pitting the animated smiley itself. I am not against getting more smiley’s per se, just not any new animated ones. If we want to make this thread an unofficial straw poll I believe you would see that many of the members here find animated smileys annoying.

Now regarding the new server and adding smileys, I don’t know what to tell yah. You can sit here and wait for** Tuba ** to answer or you can go searching through the About This Message Board forum for everything regarding the new server and maybe that question has been answered already. I was your search bitch once though so it ain’t me thats searching for you again.

[added for haiku]

Is it smilie or smiley?

Smilies or smileys?

It’s :slight_smile: and :slight_smile: s (or maybe :slight_smile: 's).

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Actually, there is a fair chance that a smilie that is smacking a bat would liable to be prohibited in GD on the grounds that it is sending the wrong signal. (We banned a smilie that said “Putz” from GD on the grounds that it was a direct insult.)

This is a text medium. We hope and encourage the bulk of our posters to use actual words of the English language to convey ideas. I suspect that you are not going to encounter any strong groundswell of opinion supporting the employment of even more little pictures (that are often every bit as ambiguous as the words they are supposed to explicate). For example, what is the meaning of your bat smacking icon? Does it mean “I’m gonna smack you upside the head!” (A threat ineligible to be posted in most Fora). Does it mean “Bring it on!” (with all the rather negative images that that phrase currently evokes)? Is it a gloating “I sure showed you!”? What specific message do you believe it conveys?

I’m in favor of more articulate smileys. The mad one doesn’t really show up well on my computer and I have to mouse over most of the smileys simply to find the one I intend to use.

Could we make them more contrasted? More explicit? Me, I like the smileys - they help to soften/harden any points that may be oblique.

No, we don’t.

The only animated smiley I’ve ever seen that would come in use by me here is :wall: . THAT I feel like regularly…

Smilies are ok, but we certainly don’t need more of them. The ones we have just need a bit of tweaking. This one, for example ( :o ), looks like something radically different than “embarrassment.” But they should never be animated. Ever.

You are in a minority that wants animated Smilies*.
Most of us do not want Animated Smilies or Icons or pictures or Avatars.

Some of us would not mind some new Smilies or some updated one. The Blow Job smiley in particular needs to be replaced with a better embarrassment smiley. :o

Some like Lord Ashtar would prefer no more Smilies.

  • This is by the way used by the software itself. Look at the Smilies box.

Another vote against more smilies especially animated ones.

I don’t use most of the ones we already have. My big two are the :wink: and the :slight_smile: . I generally have a really dry, sarcastic tone and I feel it’s not always easy to tell when I am joking or not.

Personally, I like board the way it is. No giantic picture sigs, no avatars, nothing blinking or animated.

Lordy, I sound like some old fogey. Get off my lawn! Turn down that blasted music!

I completely agree.

On the other hand, I’d really like to be able to embed MIDI files in my posts.

I would like to see more similes, personally.

I’m sure you’re joking, but I doubt that would even be technically feasible. What happens when two people embed MIDIs in the same thread? You’d have to have something to click to start a particular clip… And we can already do that, just put in a link to it (though it would have to be hosted elsewhere).

You do realize that I’d be forced to kill you if you did this, right?